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Why ... Google Workspace Calendar Logon process?


Recently my Telus logon process has changed. Historically I'd log into my Telus (gmail) account and it would automatically open and log into my calendar. Instead of my Calendar page I get a redirect to: 


Recently the calendar has been replaced with a Google Workspace Calendar page. And they look like they're trying to sell me something I don't need/wont. This page requires a logon. It then opens up a calendar logon page!


So instead of an auto logon once I'm into me Telus email account I have 2 additional steps. Why? How can I disable the Google Workspace calendar and return to the previous auto login of my calendar once I have logged into my Telus email?


This "problem" exists on my Win and Linux accounts. On my Android phone the Google workspace Calendar opens normally,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Rick81 that's definitely odd. Your best bet would be to reach out to our team at 1-888-811-2323 so they can investigate that with you and get you back to the auto login method.


I have found out what's happening. The only way I can get an automatic logon to my calendar is IF I allow Google to set and maintain cookies on my account. For security reasons I clear all but a few cookies when I close down my browser. One of the last cookies I want/need floating around is one planted by Google!


Obviously Google now insists that I keep them aware of my activities. This is a change from when I was originally forced to use their system by Telus.


I will continue to delete the Google cookies on shut down and, though I'm not happy about this change made by Google/Telus, I will continue with a couple of extra clicks at logon.