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"Telus" cold call that is likely a scam/phishing/social engineering attempt


I recently got a cold call from someone claiming to be from "Telus".


They knew I was using one of Telus' competitor's customer for internet, knew my name, and my address, but they claimed that I was near the end of my term with them (I'm not). Also the name on my caller id matched the claimed name of the person that called, not nothing related to Telus.


They offered me $300 to cancel, and $75 per month for a "Gig Plan" that matched my current plan.


I have both the name they provided (which matches the call display), and the number number they called with. This could be spoofed, but I wanted to pass this along since I suspect it's a scam/phishing/social engineering attempt. I can provide this information if your fraud team requires it.



Community Power User
Community Power User

I've never had a legit Telus rep ever offer me money to cancel services elsewhere.

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Yeah searching this forum there are a number of examples. 

I just fended off one now that offered to upgrade me to the latest iPhone (which I already have) and did not have my account details or attempt to verify my identity. 


The sent me a description of the plan via email at my request from [email protected] - and that domain name goes to a broken website with an invalid https certificate etc....


The then tried calling back several times, from numbers which are "disconnected" when phoned back.


What a bother 🙂