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my Telus login

My Telus login is not working. Tried logging in on the iPhone app and Telus website, no luck. It's asking me to register. Did not have any issue the past. Please help. Thanks.

rman0194 by Just Moved In
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Neighbourhood sign in problem

5-6 weeks ago used sign in by neigh account -------------------now have to use sso account ( thats telus health ) didn't join it but appeared all by itself on neigh site. I want sso to be gone but can't find a way.

polecat by All-Star
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Resolved! i'm trying to redeems points but it won't let me

I tried to redeem points, it gives me my home number to select which i do, then I select CALL ME to get the code and nothing happens.I go back in to try another number and it says Im temporarily unable to redeem anything.So frustrating

evecroft by Just Moved In
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Wifi 6 Expansion

Just installed the new WIFI 6 along with Telus's new modem... was wondering if anyone new the best way to extend the coverage without getting one of there new 6 hubs.. or if there was anything compatible with there new system. Already have 2 of the n...

Question about diconnect

I have about 10 months left to my two year term. I called and they said its 15$ for each I have. (WiFi, Optik, And Phone)times the ammount of months left in the term. Did I misunderstand something? Thanks in Advanced.-Murray McAbee

dopeify by Just Moved In
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Redeemed but no code sent

I redeemed a $25 gift certificate on November 14 for a Tim Hortons gift card but did not get the code. Please send to my email.

Poison by Just Moved In
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I had redeemed my points for a gift card, after confirmed, it said will send a email with special instructions how to redeem the code. But I didn’t get any email with the code. And recent activity showed I had redeemed 45 points for $50 gift card. Ho...

ellenxian by Just Moved In
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Property Damage Claim but No Response

I have emailed [email protected] multiple times, called, chatted, repeat, repeat but no action or even reply from the department “responsible”.Telus broke my gate during the installation process and didn’t do anything about it. What am I suppos...

Resolved! Telus Account Loyalty Discount Scam???

We received a phone call with caller ID "Telus". Male caller with strong accent said he wished to give us a $40 monthly loyalty discount on our phone bill. I ask him if he was a Telus employee, he said yes. I ask him his name and employee number. He ...

tma by Organizer
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When did Telus become IMPOSSIBLE to work with?

5 HOURS on the phone with people located overseas yesterday getting juggled from person to person, NOT ONE OF THEM with the slightest clue about how to help me. Only to be told we will call you tomorrow... NO CALL. We get an alarm system INSTALLED BY...