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Termination Liability Charges

Just Moved In

I want to express my opinion about Telus charging us over $800 for termination of our home business phone and internet, after being a good and loyal customer for 40 years or so. The only charge on this bill is for Termination Liability, 2 charges equaling $835.

We are still loyal customers with Telus Mobility, but our max local internet speed was dismal, so we didn't see another option, especially since we don't use our home business phone anymore, just our cell phones.

In the past, Telus has always treated us fairly well (given the way all Canadians are treated in this industry) quoting our loyal patronage as something they appreciate. I can't believe they're taking advantage now in this way.


I would have written a private email, however I couldn't find that option or an email address to write to.