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Possible Scam Call, offering $40 for 50GB

Just Moved In
Just got a call from a “Telus representative” from 1 (866) 558 2273 who told me he could get me 50 GB for $40 a month.

I would be shipped a SIM card in one week, and all he needed was a $50 deposit until it came through.

He spoke very broken English, and I could hear multiple people in the background offering similar deals. Just wanted to post this as a heads up. Nothing seemed right about any of it.

He didn’t know what a port was, or what the connection charge would be, and when I asked his employee number, he gave me a bell employee number. (I know this cause I work for them lol)

I worry about people who aren’t in the industry, who might just hand over all their personal info for this “deal “


Helpful Neighbour

Fonus Mobile can get you the same thing for $30.00 so Telus could do it if they really wanted to. Having said probably was a low level Bell Reseller who called you at best, or an Indian scam caller at worst. Just to let you know you don't have to pay a fee to start service if you buy online. Account upgrades are always free, on business and home connection lines. I don't agree with Telus reseller policies paying commission on any employee off the street taking money when the official service doesn't charge anything. Like if you visit a physical retailer for instance. Only Bell and Telus will do this, Rogers doesn't. Case in point, the reason I am with Telus, is priority access to 5g speeds. But like I said, Fonus Mobile is better if you are a heavy data user. You can't beat the price.

Just Moved In

I had the same thing happen to me today, broken English and multiple people in the background, but they were offering 40% off of my home services. He said if pay $30 Telus will be at my house in 5 business days with new tv boxes and wifi boosters, and i'd get a bill credit. The part that threw me off is that the (866) 558 2273 IS a Telus phone number and it showed up on call display. What triggered my suspicion was when the guy didn't know what i paid monthly.....and then he asked for my address. That was the deal breaker so i hung up. I called Telus and they had no record of anyone calling me. The guy called me back an hour later. When i told him i had spoken to Telus he hung up.


No idea how they can have their number show up as the Telus number but they almost got me because of that.