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Resolved! Texts from 183587

I keep receiving texts from 183587 claiming to be TELUS and that I have a payment "past due" The message reads:FreeMsg TELUS 8884961481: (changing message about being reminded to pay).Reply 1 to pay, 2 if already paid, or 3 for more details I have au...

MyTelus Account

Hello,I am receiving “ A 500 error isn't what you want. To get back on track, consider using the My TELUS app to manage your account.” whenever I log in using the Web service

Telus Call Phishing Scam +188881123323

I just spent an hour trying to determine whether a deal I received from a Telus number was a scam or not. The existing threads on here are unclear, inconclusive or contradictory. The info on here led me to believe it was a scam, but then after spendi...

jk111kj by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Rewards Points

I have been trying to redeem my Telus Rewards Points for almost 2 weeks now. I get to the very end when I click to confirm redemption and a popup comes up saying that I have recently updated my contact information (which I have not) and to try again ...

JenRich by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Upgrading my Home internet package from Telus Website

Hi,I was wondering how long it will take for it to update. I was on the phone with Telus, and they said I don't need a new device as the current one will support it. Then I did it but still has the same speed. Does anyone know how long it takes?

Opting out of marketing calls: has anyone succeeded recently?

I get about 1-2 calls a day on average from Telus and if a scammer is out also pretending to be Telus it can be 2-4 calls a day. Until I sign up for their services they don’t stop (and even afterward, they forget and keep calling!).I requested to be ...

QQ888 by Neighbour
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Telus Callback to Landline

Tried to use Callback yesterday. Got the call, the automated assistant who asked me to press "1" which I did repeatedly. The assistant did not recognize or hear the "1" and proceeded to hang up on me with disappointment in her voice. Not sure if this...

DL12 by Organizer
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Telus TV+ PVR will not play a recording

I recorded Season 7 Episode 1 of the Great Canadian Baking Show on my Telus TV+ PVR from CBC Channel 100 (which I have in my plan like pretty much anyone in Canada). The recording appears under "recordings" menu, but when I press play I get the follo...

DL12 by Organizer
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Telus TV +

Hi All,I am trying to login to Telus TV plus using MY Telus UN and PW. I receive an error "Login failed: Missing SSO Ping path"Does anyone know what the problem might be?Thanks!