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I resent singing on to an advertising - marketing page. It's disrespectful and I resent it. It wasn't long ago that in could sing in to 'My Telus' page, and, get information I need. Now, I have to waste my time to get to where I need to go. If I want...

EmmeElle by Just Moved In
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How to get Telus to do their job?

TELUS, been trying to contact you about your horrible services. You're not getting paid until you fix your mistakes. EMAIL ME since your line drops everytime I ask to cancel a feature on my account, real convenient.

DesPenn by Just Moved In
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Fraudulent Calls/Emails

I received a call yesterday and today from 1-866-558-2245 and 1-866-558-2277. Both were offering me an upgrade on my phone and plan, paying just 55$/ month for a brand-new iPhone 15 or Samsung Galaxy S23 and Tariff Plan for each line + Unlimited Text...

NMO by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Account Cancelled but, still getting e-bills

Took over 5 months to get Telus to STOP billing me for a Cancelled account!!! And just when I thought I would NEVER have to talk to another Telus support person, ever again.....I receive yet another e-bill in my inbox!!!!!!!At least now, when I sign ...

jsproat by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Account cancellation

Hi. I wanted to ask, I am account is due for cancellation on April 8. Does that mean I have until the 8th 11:59 it it will be cancelled on the morning. Furthermore, if it gets cancelled, can I still pay the funds, start over & ask for my old number b...

Miyona77 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! My Telus login issues

Anybody having issues logging into the My Telus iOS app? Seems it logged me out automatically and now can’t log back in. I am logged into Telus TV+ without issues, same username and password. Well, it’s been 3 months since I had a Telus issue which i...

Resolved! Billing Cycle start/end.

For my internet usage this month, I went over into the first block of overage data. I'm close to hitting the first extra 50g block and don't want to hit the $20 second one. Now, looking at my data page it says billing cycle Feb 23 to March 22 but it ...

Pokitaru by Neighbour
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