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Bad Customer Service

I don't understand why a Communication company with the capacity to have people work from home, can't field enough people to staff the call center so that I don't have to wait on my mobile phone for an hour or more. It is also is a mystery why the ca...

lounei by Just Moved In
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Price Increase while on a 2 year contract

I'm on a 2 year contract and just received my bill today and noticed that my bill increased $6.30. My contract isn't up for another 1.5 years. Has anyone else noticed that their cost has been increasing? I'll call them this morning to see what's goin...

Resolved! Unauthorized Access, Telus Profile Locked

Hi All, I received an email from Telus to notify me that somebody tried unsuccessfully 5 times in a row to use my email address to log into My Telus (my account), resulting in temporary lockout. I would appreciate perspective to gauge the seriousness...

Myrmidon by Organizer
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Resolved! OPTIK TV log in changing

Got an email saying that on October 29 the log in to OPTIK TV would have to be through MYTELUS account. I have a nephew staying with me while he attends university and he uses OPTIK TV on his laptop. Does this mean that I have to give him full access...

KennyR by Just Moved In
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Services not working

Is it possible that the reason I have no services is because my white box has a red fail light on it

Rose84 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! new to telus and i cant access email

I'm a newbie when it comes to telus and the way they manage emails. I spent a good 2 hours on the phone with an agent who tried to set up my email address ( it looks like an alias was created but there is no way to access it via webmail. a...

kaze by Neighbour
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Account numbers and collections

What happens to an account number if the account is sent to collections? Does the account number get locked and made unavailable? If the amount is paid off, would the account be allowed to re-open with the same number?

Anon1 by Just Moved In
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