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Downed lines in front of residence

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Construction vehicles in neighbourhood downed wires/cables right in front of our home.  City of Vanc and Hydro say these do not belong to them and suggested I call Telus and Shaw.  I spent nearly 40 mts on the phone with Telus, being bounced around from various Departments and finally an Agent took down information.  I then received Text mssg with Appt date and time that a Technician will visit home to Troubleshoot, and if I am not available to answer the door, I will be charged $150.  The downed cables are nothing to do with me; I am just reporting a hazard as they dangle from above and are on the sidewalk.  If the Servicemen come to address provided they will see situation and can deal with it.  Trying to respond to Text received, but short of cancelling the appointment, I am unable to respond back with explanation.  How or WHO can resolve this situation??


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