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Where is my bill? Missing bill, not available online

My bill is missing online. It only shows me last month's bill which I already paid. I am signed up for pre-authorized payments and I need to know how much money to transfer to my bank account where the payments withdraw. I usually can see my bill on ...

slyjester by Just Moved In
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Telus home page

Is there anyone else having problems with Chat on their MyTelus home page?

Cobra_fd by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Migration.......

I had migration scheduled for today.....this is the second time around, but the first time was another disaster I don't need to relive. But realized today that now I have to go to a google page to get my telus mail apparently. I My old telus email us...

DMAN1 by Helpful Neighbour
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Changing my credit card

I want to use a different credit card to pay my Telus bills. I followed the information on how to do this on the website and reached a dead end. There is no way to reach a change page from the pay bill page.

Paying bill online

I have had difficulty in paying bill online. Several attempts but I receive error message which informs me that I was not successful Last year I changed from automatic debit. I decided to go back to the automatic debit when I could not pay it myself....

Di444 by Organizer
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How to separate from a family plan

I recently moved out of a controling family household, I want to separate my account from the family account since I'm fully capable of paying for my account on my own, unfortunately the owner of the account isn't understanding and insists I stay on ...

Canadaguy by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Why Am I receiving Private email SPAM

I received this email today that is trying to get me to respond for BITCOIN...How do You stop this? Hello PhilH,You have received a private message in the TELUS Neighbourhood community.Subject: What is it like when you can forget about financial prob...

PhilH by Neighbour
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Resolved! Home Account Billing

Currently on a 2 year plan. For the first 12 months I have a new home owners promotion so only pay 35$ a month. After that the remaining 12 months goes up to 220 a month. Am I able to call back when the promotion is done and adjust my plan and maybe ...