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Crave TV - Can't Find Discovery Canada's Frontier

When we got Telus, we also subscribed to Crave. But when I go to the Crave Channel on Optik TV, I can't find Frontier. My old subscription to Crave has this show - but I can't find it on Optik Crave. I also can't find a way to do a general search on ...

Chrisps by Just Moved In
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View calls made

Greetings, Can I view the long distance calls I've made since my last biil? I've already signed up for My Telus, but I can't find this feature. Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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Another Price Increase

Greetings, A few months ago I asked if Telus if they would raise the price during a "contract". They said that they wouldn't, so I signed up for a two year contact. Since then, I always check the bill's fine print to see if they try to sneak somethin...

Shane by Leader
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Reasonable consistant pricing, what happened to it?

Just reaching out to Express my disappointment with being forced to cancel all of my telus services today. For 2 plus years I have had to call in every few months and wait on hold and use my time just to try to convince telus to honour their pricing....

Staples by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Utility Box

I have a concrete TELUS service box in the middle of my driveway. It has sunk about 4" below grade. Who can I call to have this fixed? Thanks

Wooly by Neighbour
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Sign up discount

Hi, Could someone help me understand the discount term below? What is the $450 discount? TELUS Internet 300/300$250 One Time Customer Discount$200 One Time Customer DiscountSave for 24 months promoSave for 24 months promoService Agreement on High Spe...

kchow by Just Moved In
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TELUS Customer Service and Billing Inquries

This is not a question, but actually my own personal feedback through my experiences working with TELUS customer service representatives (CSRs). I also want to state that I do not represent TELUS or have worked with them in any capacity in the past s...

dchang by Just Moved In
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Webmail - Network Error

Having issues login in, keep getting network error.On some occasions if I do manage to log in it webmail gets stuck and just hangs saying loading and wont respond. Cleared cache,history,disk clean up, etc, reboot.What I have noticed over the past wee...