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Telus rewards $15/$25/$50 credit to pay towards bill gone?

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Has this reward redeem $15/$25/$50 credit to pay towards bill been discontinued as I don't see it on the mytelus rewards page anymore?  Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. The option of using Rewards points to go towards your bill has been discontinued. There are still many other options, and our team is always looking into all options for point redemption in the future!

Well that's a bit disappointing to hear as I thought that was a great reward just for paying your bill. Glad I used my $50 credit a couple of months ago while it was still an option.

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That is extremely disappointing to hear. The bill credit really helped with annual budgeting and was one of the factors in deciding to keep Telus' relatively expensive mobility service. Can the Telus Rewards Mastercard be used to pay a monthly bill?

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Discontinuing the bill credit as a reward option is a real disappointment. It was one of the reasons for keeping our home service with Telus. It makes no sense to deliberately poke your customers in the eye. If your team is looking "into all options" maybe they could start by looking at the option of reinstating this bill credit option!!  

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Why exactly did they discontinue this reward?  Many of us found it helpful once a year.


Friendly Neighbour

VERY disappointing to hear of this! It is the only thing I ever put rewards points towards.

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How can I use my points? I apparently have NO rewards.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Once logged in to your TELUS Rewards account, you can click on 'Catalogue' at the top (in between 'Dashboard' and 'How it works', or the white button on the right hand side underneath your point total where it says 'Browse rewards catalogue'.


The Amazon gift card is a good option. Hopefully that will remain in the reward catalog.