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Telus Callback to Landline


Tried to use Callback yesterday. Got the call, the automated assistant who asked me to press "1" which I did repeatedly. The assistant did not recognize or hear the "1" and proceeded to hang up on me with disappointment in her voice. Not sure if this is because of using a landline instead of cell phone?



The exact same thing happened to me on Thursday. I called the 1-888-811-2323 number around 11 am and after few minutes answering the automated questions I was told it would be about a 60 minute wait to talk to a Telus CSR and was given the call back option which I gladly accepted.  After about 45 minutes I got the call back and was told to press " 1 " when I was ready to talk to a Telus representative. I pushed " 1 " but after about 5 seconds I was told that I didn't press " 1 " and to try again. This happened 3 times before the call was disconnected. I then called the same Telus number and once I got past the automated questions I was told that my number showed that I would be getting a call back and if I wanted cancel it. I didn't know that Telus makes a few attempts at call backs before giving up. So I hung up and waited for the 2nd call back attempt which came after about 10 minutes but once again every time I pressed " 1 " it wasn't registering. At this point I was thinking " screw this " and was prepared to try calling again on Friday. But then I got a 3rd call back about 15 minutes later and this time when I pressed " 1 " I was immediately connected with a Telus CSR. I told him what had happened and he said that he had never heard of that happening before. By the way - I was also receiving the call backs on my home phone so there might be something up with Telus call backs to landline phones.🤔