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Telus Call Phishing Scam +188881123323

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I just spent an hour trying to determine whether a deal I received from a Telus number was a scam or not. The existing threads on here are unclear, inconclusive or contradictory. The info on here led me to believe it was a scam, but then after spending time calling Telus and having them check, confirmed it was in fact a legitimate call.

Can we have a Telus rep confirm the info on this forum. Is “+1” at the front of the number a reliable indicator of whether it’s a legit call or not? What else can we do to protect ourselves in the case someone is spoofing the number?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The +1 being a scam was confirmed before. That's also not a valid phone number either. Too many digits. That's another easy way to spot a scam.

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Ha, the too many digits was my typo. The call was from +1 (888) 811-2323


Maybe the +1 scam tipoff was true before, but not true as of yesterday at the least. I panicked reading your comment on an old thread while on the line, hung up my conversation, and called Telus directly to let them know I just got scammed. They then confirmed it was actually a call from Telus, that they had notes specific to my conversation with the +1 (888) 811-2323 call received, and the name of the agent I was speaking to from the +1 number, who was really helpful as an aside. The deal offered was quite complex in terms of layered discounts, and the notes the Telus agent had matched the word-for-word offer I got from the +1 number.