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Smartwatch support on sub-brand Kodoo

Hi Telus!I am with you on my home internet, which works great! Thanks!I am indirectly with you on my cell phone with a great plan from Kodoo, which also works great! Thanks again!But I would like you to stay on top of your game, and for that I would ...

Shoany89 by Neighbour
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New fee for calling Telus Agent

Phoned into the Retention Dept to see if they would match a Telus plan I received from PC Mobility. It was not offered on any Self Serve Telus website so I couldn't switch to it myself. They did match & a bit better but charged $15 for using an Agent...

eireen by Organizer
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Customer service or lack thereof

So... after years of being a loyal Telus customer I may be ready to give up. We moved to northern BC in October and canceled our home phone at that time. We now live where we have good cell service. My husbands cell plan expired and we need a new SIm...

how do i use unlimited one number?

just recently i purchased unlimited one number, but i have yet to figure out how to link the phone number i want to it. ive tried asking the virtual assistant and reading other forum posts here with a similar problem, but none of them have actually g...


i need help i have telus sim card but its not getting any signal i am from karachi pakistan i am sending you sim pic please help me with my problem My contact number is

Old number shows to some contacts after porting

So I signed up to Telus and got assigned a number, then I ported my Koodo number over into this new Telus account. Confirmed the port, account shows the Koodo number, and I can call and text that number. But some of my contacts when I text them, it s...

markmoje by Neighbour
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Some messages not going through

Greetings, I found out (by accident) that my friend wasn't receiving some text messages, and sometimes they will receive a single message twice. I tested it by trying to send this message from Google Messages to my other device, which is using Samsun...

Shane by Leader
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Unable to Add Call Control

I have had no success adding the Call Control feature. I’ve been with TELUS mobility for about a month now. When I try adding it, the website (or app) says “adding call control, check back again later”. But when I check back later, such as later in t...

Customer space feature request

I have a feature request for Telus. I know I'll probably be the only one to use this but eh. My kid has strict parental controls on the home wifi so video games and entertainment websites such as youtube are blocked on week nights for him to focus on...

Kalquaro by Neighbour
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