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Poor to Non-Existent Reception

We live in a pretty built-up area of Surrey, British Columbia. The reception in our part of Surrey is virtually non-existent. This is the same for other suppliers with the exception of Bell. Over the years Telus suggested putting up a tower in our ar...

Cellular Service very weak

I live at on Bowen Island, British Columbia. In the past year the quality of Telus cellular has deteriorated to a level that I am missing calls and people that I phone often say that they cannot hear me. This is not an equipment problem, other famil...

Adding Family Members to Telus Plan

Hey folks, I have a Telus Mobility plan with a device (and balance & contract). I have an extra phone that I was hoping to give to one of my kids, just in case of emergencies.I asked if there were any "family" plans, or anything like this - and they ...

Can/US plan term duration

I have Can/Us mobility plan. When I tried to change the package to a non CAN/US I get the message that I’ve agreed to stay with Can/US for duration of my term and wo will be charged $100 while I am on BYOD plan since day one. Talked to a call centre ...

Ahsun by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Do the pre-paid plans work at 5G speeds?

Simple question, but the chatbot unfortunately couldn't answer it, so I'll have to ask here. I'm getting a new phone that can connect to 5G, but my old carrier doesn't support 5G. It looks like Telus has a 5G network, and their regular monthly plans ...

mindKILLER by Friendly Neighbour
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sim activation via email verification

Hey Everyone,A few days ago I signed up for Telus and my account is active, however the sim card is still on it's way apparently.Because of this, I'm essentially paying for 2 services (with the Telus one I can't even use yet) So I have purchased a Te...

amp3d by Just Moved In
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Extremely slow LTE Advanced speeds in Uxbridge

Hi, Just signed up for Telus and got my iPhone 13 Pro in the mail yesterday. Tried performing several speed tests over the past 24 hours with the app and I'm finding it impossible to break 7 Mbps down and 2Mbps up. My phone reads 2/4 ba...

Koodo to Telus

Looking to switch from Koodo to Telus. Have a Samsung galaxy s20 phone I'm thinking of trading in for a Samsung galaxy s21+ or Ultra with Telus. Have 10 months left on my tab so $330 tab and $304 tab bonus. Just wondering how I would go about doing t... j260a software update

I need update software sm j260a my phone last updates 2019 android 8.1 version now i need update new android version 9.0(?).Can you tell me when you do updates software sm-j260a new android version 2021?My email is ****Please i need update my phone s...

Easy Roam

Why won't Telus allow this to be added to any postpaid plan? They say my plan is not eligible. Doesn't make sense. I see the option to add it on my phone but somehow it's disabled because it generates an error message. I know that physically it can b...