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Been a Telus customer for years - just upgraded 3 phones and now charged $150.00 in activation fees. Was told if I had completed online I wouldn't' have been charged that. I had tried 2 times to complete order online and it didn't work so ended up ha...

tamvei1 by Just Moved In
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Upcoming fee to pay by credit card?

I just saw the Telus is applying for approval to charge a fee to those who pay by credit card. Really, Telus? I've been a customer since I first got a cell phone, back in the flip phone days. Now I have to start looking for another service provider? ...

jamjari by Just Moved In
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Bring it back delay in returning phone due to travel

Hello, I am travelling abroad for a few months until January 2023. My bring it back date is in November 2022. I will not be able to return my phone until January 2023. What are my options? Or will I have to pay the device balance in the nov/Dec bill ...

Sidmehta by Just Moved In
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Requested a phone number change

Hello there! I tried to change my phone number online, and under my device and plans tab, every tab except "number transfer status" says And the number transfer status says thisI was wondering, how can I fix this? Is there a way to cancel my request ...

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Device care

I paid for device care for over a year only to find out Telus never actually registered my participation and payments with the sub company that is the insurance provider. It is a scam. Ten hours trying to get Telus to register me after paying 150+ in...

Tundratoad by Friendly Neighbour
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how to cancel roam like home

I live on the border of the USA and have had issues with picking up USA towers and being billed for roaming for the last ten years. I recently accidently signed up for roam like home and did not know that it would automatically renew for ever and eve...

Tundratoad by Friendly Neighbour
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Can't Change Incorrect APN Settings

I have a brand new, unlocked Nokia XR20. Mobile data works fine, SMS messages send and receive without issue. I cannot receive MMS messages (group texts, or pictures), however I seem to be able to send them. My MMS proxy and port are incorrect, howev...

jedward by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Activating a new SIM card online

I keep getting an error message while trying to activate the SIM card sent with a new phone A Verification code cannot be sent to the selected address at this time. To receive a code please choose the SMS method. I have requested that it be sent to o...

KMSEng by Just Moved In
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I had a mobile account put in collections in 2014-15 and it was on my credit account for years. This year around January it was no longer on my credit it was for $2288 something like that now a new credit company supposedly has it and said that they ...

Hez75 by Just Moved In
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