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sick of waiting on hold

Can you please hire more people to answer the phones. I shouldn't have to wait over 20 minutes and counting to speak to someone about my bill. eta: 30 minutes and counting on hold now. I wrote an email last week explaining my problem to try to at lea...

Didds by Just Moved In
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Wi-fi calling: buggy

I was trying to locate my phone so I called it. I realized where I had left before I could hear the phone ring. After I hung up and bout 7 seconds later (after I hung up), my cell phone started to ring and the CID showed my landline number.

Hmmmisme by Friendly Neighbour
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No VOLTE for phones not purchased from Telus.

I was told by tech support yesterday that phones not purchased from Telus cannot access VOLTE. The phone in question is a Samsung Galaxy S7. Why is this information not available on either the website or at the local Telus Store?

Donald2 by Just Moved In
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Wi-Fi Calling -Confirmed: Won't work with a VPN outside Canada

I just returned from the USA. I was doing everything I could to enable wifi calling on my iphone including disabling privacy (location services) and using VPNs with Canadian servers. I used both Tunnel Bear and Windscribe. Telus has gone through cons...

Dwayne888 by Helpful Neighbour
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How long do orders take?

I'm a new customer and I ordered my phone and plan on December 17th.I was wondering how long does it take for the order to process today would make it the 5th business day and it still says my order is being processed and I should receive between 5-7...

Tara89 by Organizer
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Why Telus keep ignoring customer's complaints

Before I joined to Telus, I heard bad reputation about Telus customer service. Now as a Telus customer, I strongly agree. I tried everything to hold a customer service representative to get a new promotion from Dec17-19 by email, chat, facebook and c...

JMK by Just Moved In
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With Telus since the Clearnet days - but no more

I have been a Telus client when they were still known as Clearnet in the 1980s.On Nov 24 of this year (3 weeks ago) I signed a new 2 year agreement. I got a new LG V30 and a renewed price plan.I am considered a Business customer but I could have easi...

Spirit84 by Just Moved In
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