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Horrible Service


Has anyone else had the worst service in the last few months live 45 mins out of Edmonton and no matter where I am in Edmonton or surrounding areas constantly dropping calls. I continue to call Telus they get me to reset network settings it doesnt help telling me there is issues in the area but no one has addressed them and someone will follow up and I never get a call back! Anyone else having these issues 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! 


Sorry to hear that!

We do not have a reported issue in the area at the moment. If you are still having issues, please contact our technical support, they should be able to further investigate.


Is there a reported issue for the entire south side of Edmonton? Reception is terrible stretching from the southwest up to and including the University of Alberta. Reception is improved downtown, though not as strong as the Rogers signal. The Rogers signal (work phone) is much stronger on the south side of the city as well.

Hi Granger, are you still experiencing the reception issues? I find it helps sometimes to switch frequencies (i.e. disable LTE) in some areas. Let us know if that helps.