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Sim Activation abroad for tourists




I live in Germany and will come to Canada for vacations in upcomming July and August.

I am going to buy a prepaid Sim Card online in advance and try to active it already in Germany bevor my arival. I know I need aditionaly a plan.

Is it possible to get an account active the Sim Card and buy a Plan already abroad in Germany?

I have got only German passport and credit card.

I will need it only for 30 days ob my staying. So then I have to quit it after the activation.


Kind regards and thanks in advance for youre hell



Community Power User
Community Power User

No, it is not possible to activate a Prepaid SIM until you are able to access the Canadian cellular network.


My suggestion is on your arrival, find a point of sale, likely at a shopping mall, and spend half an hour getting your prepaid account set up. At the end of your trip, you just abandon your prepaid, and it will cancel in 90 days. You don’t need any ID to buy prepaid in Canada, and your credit card will be a satisfactory method of payment.


What is your point of entry to Canada?

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Thanks for your reply.

The point of entry will be Airport Toronto this time.

I will do what you have sugessed.

Greetings from Germany