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Poor Mobility Coverage - Penticton BC


I recently visited Penticton BC and noticed very poor mobility coverage on the south side, specifically Skaha Lake. I checked the Telus coverage map and see it should be "Very Fast"

I found it hard to send messages, even make a call. The same was found by three of my friends using different devices.

A friend on Rogers, where I recently switched from, had mostly full reception and no issues with service.

I understand Bell/Telus share towers so perhaps something on thier side, but wanted to ask the question to see.

Thank you!

Community Power User
Community Power User

The nearest Telus tower is approximately 2KM north of the lake. It should still easily be within range of Skaha Lake. Bell does not have any towers in the entire region. Rogers has a tower that is situated quite high up on a hill and much closer to the lake.


You can see the tower locations here:


You mention asking a question but I didn't see a question.


Last time I was through the area I don't recall any reception issues near Skaha Lake. As to why you and some of your friends had reception issues, it would be impossible to say why. Normally the first recommendation is to speak with tech support right away to notify them of the issue. If enough reports come in they'll usually get a field tech to check the tower for issues.

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