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New Customer- Canadian who loved his American Providers



So In the states I had At&T for mobile and home services through Google Fiber. Been a customer about 5 weeks and have had to call you for support and my time lost- more than 5 hours.


Last month made a mistake and called America.. thought I was on facetime audio/ big mistake- 50 minute call $49


So with all issues was given 100 mins complimentary to America each month. Much appreciated- was told effective immediately. So called America.. now 90 minutes later , you bill me an additional charge of $112 for those minutes.


What the ...,so frustrated 



@Richardisnothappywithservice If you want to call the states, then get a plan that includes calling to the states.  Be sure not to text the US unless you have the correct plan also.  Many AT&T plans include usage in Canada and Mexico as well as the US.  Canadian plans do not.  


AT&T support is nothing to brag about.

Never had a problem, so never needed to call support. I was mainly comparing my internet service at home... it seems to be toggled down between midnight and 5am.

Richard Wayne Squires

@Richardisnothappywithservice This is help forum where fellow customers try to help others. It is not a complaint forum.  I've done speed tests in many places. I get 3-6-20-30 etc with AT&T.  I get 70, 200, 300 etc with Telus mobility. This is testing in at least 16 states and with 5 provinces within the last year and a half, not just a couple of random tests.  I've been using mobiles since the early 80's, before the current systems.  I've never had them "shut off" mobile towers at night. 

I also read what my plans include so I don't get blindsided by extra charges which is the advice I gave to you based upon your first complaint about long distance rates.


If you don't like your home internet speed, then get them to fix it, change plans, or switch providers.