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Change Plans

I am trying to change my phone plan to the piece of mind plan because my 2 year commitment just ended, but when I go to select plans and devices and select change your plan it takes me to a mostly blank screen. I don't want to message them on Twitter or anything because I don't use those sites. I talked to the virtual assistant and it said it couldn't do anything for me and to contact a live customer service representative but I don't want them to charge me to change my plan when I can do it for free by going online but I am having trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you are getting a mostly blank scree, have you tried a different browser?

I just tried different browsers and it's the same result. The manage my plan screen is supposed to appear after you select "change your plan" but it just shows the telus logo on the top of the screen.

I just had a similar problem where I was not able to load a payment page. It would go there but would not load so I was unable to process the transaction but I finally managed a temporary fix. I would say as a last ditch effort, clear your history, cache and cookies and then re-start your computer. Once done, go directly to the Telus page.

I tried that too. I will wait until next month and see if I can change it. Thanks for your advice starchoice.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, send us a private message on to our Telus Support page on Twitter and someone will be able to change it for you. 

I don't have facebook, twitter or instagram and I don't plan on making an account. I guess I will have to wait a month.