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$60/ 10GB Plane Price Increase

Please tell me it’s not increasing and by $10?!?!?

That’s freaking greedy! I thought Rogers was bad when they increased it by $5 but you guys will take the crown if that is the case.

Can someone confirm please.


Hello @Ahmadjr

Unfortunately it's true.

" Notably, Bell and Rogers raised their plans by $5 CAD, while Telus is going big with a $10 increase. In a note detailing the changes, Telus cites improving its network’s speed, reliability and coverage as reasons for increasing the cost of the plans. The note continues to state that Telus is “confident that your current plan will continue to provide you with great value. If you would like to explore other rate plan options, we invite you to visit” In a statement to MobileSyrup, Telus confirmed the increase, noting “Confirming what you’ve outlined however increases will roll out in March and April depending on billing cycle.”

It’s really funny that everyone decides to raise prices at the same time and all have their own excuses.

I was actually going to bring another line over to TELUS but might be time to look else where.

$5 increase is already almost a 10%increase but to jump it $10 regardless of the excuse that has been created by their marketing team is just ridiculous.