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Launch : New Area Code April 23, 2022

Beginning on April 23, 2022, a fifth area code, 368 was added to the geographic region currently covered by area codes 403, 587, 780 and 825.

Update: TELUS Rewards April 4, 2022

A variety of new Catalog items have been added to the TELUS Rewards program for eligible customers.


  • Xbox Live E-Gift Card
    • Values $25, $50, $75, $100
  • Tim Hortons E-Gift Card
    • Values $25, $50
Update: TELUS Rewards - Apple TV is temporarily unavailable
 March 24, 2022

Apple TV has been temporarily removed from the Rewards catalogue. It will be added back when stock becomes available.

Update: THT channel turndown March 2, 2022

Effective March 2, 2022, THT has made the decision to turn the THT channel down.


  • We will automatically remove the channel from the  channel line up
  • No customer action is required
  • Charges will be credited back automatically
Upgrade: Boost Wi-Fi .30 Firmware Upgrade February 24. 2022

On February 24th we will be deploying the .30 Firmware to Boost Wi-Fi customers.


Update: TELUS Health Companion on Apple watch app updates


February 9, 2022

As of February 9, 2022 : The TELUS Health Companion App on Apple Watch has received a new update. 

  • Adding/updating the user's address in the app is now easier! 

To help reduce incorrect emergency dispatches, users can search their own address where it will auto populate their address without having to type it out in full, reducing manual errors.


Note* Customers will still be able to manually input their address if they still need that option.

Launch: Moving your TELUS services online 

November 24, 2021

Moves are now open 24x7 on
This simple digital experience enables our customers to share their existing account details and find the best options to connect in their new home - and the whole move request process takes just 2-3 minutes

Launch: Smart Home Security

October 6, 2021

As of Oct 6, 2021 customers can now select the Echo Show as a you pick option for Control and Control + Video packages. Customers will also be able to purchase the device as an add on.  The Echo Show Gen 2 is a voice controlled smart home assistant and customers will be able to set up the TELUS skill to control their SHS devices. The Echo Show 5 Gen 2 is a voice-controlled smart-home assistant that allows you to  make video calls and enjoy movies.  This home assistant comes with a 5.5” touchscreen.  Alexa learns your habits and you can set up the TELUS skill to control your SHS devices and control your Optik TV.  Its compact design fits perfectly in any room.

TELUS Rewards

October 4, 2021

Added contests for TELUS Rewards: 

  • Win one of five Apple iPhone 13

TELUS Rewards

October 1, 2021

Added contests for TELUS Rewards: 

  • Win an Apple Watch SE and Calgary Flames Jersey
  • Win one of three 12-month TELUS SmartHome Security Control + Video Packages worth $1,800
  • Win one of five Apple iPad (9th generation) with wi-fi and cellular
  • Win one of five 55" Samsung 4K TV

My Wi-Fi App

September 21, 2021

Customers with Arcadyan Network Access Hubs will be supported by My Wi-Fi app. Users will be able to view their network, change their Boost Wi-Fi 6 SSID & password, create profiles, pause & unpause devices, set Schedules, and more

Launch: Camera Perimeter Guard

September 17,            2021

As of September 17, 2021 Video Analytics with Perimeter Guard is available for customers.  Perimeter Guard provides customers with peace of mind that their home and property are safe.   Video Analytics will trigger audio alerts (V523) and LED flashes (V523 and V723) deterring unwanted behaviour around the customers property.  

When there is a detection of a person, animal, vehicle or during an alarm the following can be set:

  • LED light on a camera can be set to blink (V523 and V723)
  • Speaker on a camera can be set to play a repeating tone (V523)
  • Customers can enable through their portal under Video Recording Rules

Launch: Acorn TV on Optik TV

September 14, 2021


Acorn TV is launching on Optik TV as a free preview for 7 days. Acorn TV will be available a la carte for $8/month on September 21, 2021 or within the existing Variety theme pack. 


Launch: Optik TV search enhancement 

May 26, 2021


You can now use search to quickly find a TV show, On Demand title, Pay Per View event, or within the streaming apps such as Prime Video, Netflix or hayu* (universal search). A quick tutorial can be found here


Reminder: Pik TV and Optik TV App streams limit

March 16, 2021


Pik TV and Optik TV App have a maximum limit of 2 streams available on browsers, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield and Android/iOS devices.

Note: The Pik Media box does not count as a stream when in use.


The following message will appear if a 3rd stream is attempted: "Your account is in use on too many devices. To watch, please stop playback on another device. / Playback Error - Max sessions exceeded. 4-44-467"


Optik & Pik App Upgrades on Apple Experiences

March 15, 2021


The rollout of the Pik and Optik App upgrade for Apple TV, iPhones and iPads starts March 15, 2021.

Enhancements include:

  • Contextual help overlays, 
  • 'New' episode badge in guide,
  • New app rating flow (iPad and iPhone only)
  • Variety of defect fixes.


Norton Security turndown


March 1, 2021


TELUS will be discontinuing all Norton Security Online and Norton Security VPN plans starting March 1, 2021. Current subscription to Norton Security Online and Norton Security VPN will expire starting March 1, 2021. To stay protected online view our TELUS Online Security plans on



Enhancements to the look and feel of TELUS Assist


Feb 23, 2021


TELUS Assist Visual Changes:

  • Updated appearance of message bubble
  • Ability to bold text 
  • Date and time stamps under messages
  • Improvement to images


Channel turndown: Book TV and Fashion Television


Feb 22, 2021

Effective February 22, 2021, Book TV and Fashion Television will be turned down


TELUS Rewards: New contests for Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Calgary Flames Fan Pack and more


Feb 1, 2021


Starting February 1 to March 31, 2021, TELUS Rewards members are invited to redeem points for the following contests and chances to win great prizes:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G - 7 points 
  • Play 2 camera from Petcube - 4 points
  • Calgary Flames Fan Pack - 3 points 


TELUS Rewards: Satellite TV no longer eligible service to earn 2% points


Jan 25, 2021


Effective February 25, 2021, Satellite TV will no longer qualify as an eligible Rewards service that earns 2% back in points. Satellite TV customers can still:

  • Redeem points earned for items in the Rewards catalog
  • Continue earning points on their other eligible TELUS services (e.g can still earn points for their Home Phone spend)



Channel Turndowns: Prime Asia, Book TV and Fashion Television


Jan 13, 2021


In February, the following channels will be turned down:


February 3, 2021:
Prime Asia - Optik channel 2364

February 22, 2021:
Book TV - Optik ch. 741, Satellite ch. 529
Fashion Television - Optik ch. 339, Satellite ch. 605

Last updated: May 26th, 2021


Please note - all dates and details are subject to change, and might not be inclusive of all changes. Posted dates reflect when the update is released but can take 1-2 business days to roll out to all customers. Updates prior to 2021 can be found here.


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Special thanks to @FuzzyLogic for his idea, which led to the creation of this article. 

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