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Theme bundles

I only want one channel from the bundle. Can I purchase one channel ?

Mexberry by Just Moved In
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Volume goes up and down

It's intermittent. The sound might drop for 10 seconds and/or go louder for 20 seconds, then return to normal for an hour. I first thought it was people speaking from their home studios, but it happens on netflix, programs on my pvr I have a digital ...

STB Upgrade

I recently replaced a TV with a new 4K TV. Now I need to replace the old STB with a new 4K STB (I already have a 4K PVR for another TV in the house.) Does anyone know if I have to talk to care agent to get a new box? Is there someone to order it onli...

Triniwin by Just Moved In
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Receiver/amplifier power sync problem

Hi all. I've programmed my new Slimline2 remote for my new 4K tv & my Onkyo AV Amp/receiver no problem. Can control everything ok, but the amp won't turn on or off with the power button on the remote. I've done the power sync thing (0007) a couple of...

Scott1000 by Just Moved In
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Knowledge Network

Why oh why is Knowledge Network not available on Optik tv in Alberta??? It was by far my favourite channel when I lived in BC and I really miss it. Is there a possibility that Telus will negotiate with them so we can watch it here?

Jlaw1 by Just Moved In
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Slimline remote 2

How do you toggle between tv and amplifier?

Trevor2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Optik TV Audio lost on Netflix Prime Apps

My mother is using a Hearing Aid streamer to Bluetooth the audio to her hearing aids. Worked fine until about 3 weeks ago, now she is unable to maintain a connection when using the Netflix/Prime apps within Optik TV. Regular live tv, on demand and re...

MLK2 by Organizer
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Receiver won’t recognize remotes

I have Telus satellite tv (not optic) and all of a sudden my remote quit working, changed the batteries and tried to reset it and nothing. I can control the tv but the receiver doesn’t respond to the remote. Tried another Telus remote from another re...

Shirl1 by Neighbour
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