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Digital optical audio connection to Naim receiver

I recently upgraded to TelusTV-21T TV box and high-speed fibre connection. I previously had Shaw and used their Arris Group Model AX013ANM TV Cable box and was able to connect to my 2-year old Naim stereo receiver using the optical audio connection -...

BDW by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Slimline 2 vs Hisense tv

I intend to buy a Hisense 55u68h television but will the Slimline 2 remote control be compatible with this television for at least the Power, volume up and volume down? is there any codes making this remote coming with Optik tv to be compatible with ...

Goldorak by Just Moved In
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Required output protections not active - Samsung tablet

I see that this has been asked on a similar thread before with no resolution and has become inactive so I am bringing it up once more with hopes that someone has a solution.I have a Samsung tablet that I am not able to watch Optik TV on since the app...

Trevr84 by Just Moved In
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Audio OUT from the new TelusTV-21T digital boxes

What is the recommended way to connect a sound bar to the new TelusTV-21T digital boxes? AND retain the supplied remote volume control power functions? There seem to be ZERO 3rd party AIO remotes that work with this new system, since it is a propriet...

Telus Harmony Remote

Hi, I own an older Telus Harmony Remote (discussed by other members here) with the software. I was hoping to use the remote as a regular Harmony remote to control the TV/Roku/Blu-Ray/Bose Radio/etc. and own other (non-Telus) Harmony remotes. After so...

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gobigred by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Theme Pack price

Why are theme packs listed at $9.00 per month, but when you try to add them, it changes the price to $12.00?

Froozle by Neighbour
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Optik Guide questions - coming from Shaw

Some newbie Optic "how to" operational questions for the NEW system: When recording programs -how do you dynamically adjust the start / end times? Frequently HBO and sports do NOT start or end on the hour or when the guide says. If a game runs into o...


my optic pvr at 2 pm friday.after going through multiple peeps, at 10pm got crappy canadian channels and nothing else.today missed callback at 130 pm[left no name or number to call back]said they would try later[voice mail]and its 720 pm and nothing....