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I want to have Telus move my fiber optic line.

I want to move the fibre line from the back of my house to a service entrance mast on my rear lane garage.How do I get this done? The pure fibre team have been zero help thus far.

Bmct by Just Moved In
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Watching a recorded show and...

a few times when watching a recorded show, the recording ends before the show is finished. Is it a matter of having to set ALL recorded shows to end 15-30 minutes to ensure to get the full program?

Vicgal by Organizer
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NHL Centre Ice

Why is Telus and perhaps Shaw the only TV carriers not offering the NHL Centre Ice (Out-of-Market) French Package that only shows the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens out of market games. Priced at $60 per season during the season. Bell and Rog...

MarcQ by Just Moved In
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Don’t go for the free TV offer

Don’t go for the free TV offer from Telus, we got one 4 years ago and it’s always had problems with the Wi-Fi and now it’s not working at all. Pretty pathetic that they can’t even test the TVs with their own Wi-Fi routers to ensure they work properly...

RyDawg by Coach
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TLN TV Channel

Can we ever expect Telus to add TLN back to it's TV channel offerings? Why is Telus one of the only providers in Canada to not offer this channel?

DJA682 by Just Moved In
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Copper and Fiber Support

I spent one hour troubleshooting an OptikTV problem with a "Fiber Team" tech, not including the 20 minute wait, who told me he didn't have the authority to fix my problem because the TV service was still on a copper line. He sends a complete descript...

JohnnyDoe by Just Moved In
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On Demand Problem acquiring license: 0x80000002

Hi there, whenever I click play on something to watch on On Demand the message Problem acquiring license: 0x80000002 pops up and I can’t watch the program. This happens regardless of what I try to watch on on demand. Help would be greatly appreciated...