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Optik Guide questions - coming from Shaw

Some newbie Optic "how to" operational questions for the NEW system: When recording programs -how do you dynamically adjust the start / end times? Frequently HBO and sports do NOT start or end on the hour or when the guide says. If a game runs into o...


my optic pvr at 2 pm friday.after going through multiple peeps, at 10pm got crappy canadian channels and nothing else.today missed callback at 130 pm[left no name or number to call back]said they would try later[voice mail]and its 720 pm and nothing....

Netflix / Prime account "linking"

How do I know my Netflix and Prime accounts are linked and more importantly billed by my Telus subscription? As I understand it, my package includes premium Netflix and Amazon Prime?I have signed into both on the new Telus Optik Android STB -I think ...

Home theater remote programming for Telustv-21

Telus,PLEASE enable the NEW Android / Bluetooth Optick TV boxes (Telustv-21t) functionality to use 3rd party remotes. Not being able to use one of the most advanced AIO remotes "Harmony HUB" with this new system is annoying and frustrating. I can pro...

4K Sports programming

So I have had Telus Optik TV for a little over a month now, and so far there was one 4k program (Hockey) on the Sportsnet 4K guide which was not available in Edmonton, and 2 programs on TSN 4k (both were Raptors games). I guess I am a little disillus...

terowe by Neighbour
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ETA for equipment

How long does it typically take for Telus to send out the Optik TV boxes? I signed a new contract 14 days ago and I was advised it would take 3-5 business days for the box to arrive. After a week, I asked a rep via chat and was told it was still ship...

kayjaydee by Just Moved In
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Poor picture quality

Just switched from Shaw and ... well ... the Optik TV quality is pretty disappointing so far. I've tried every setting I can think of on my TV (LG C1 OLED) and have tried switching between 4k resolution and 1080p 60hz on the Telus box. No luck. Faces...

Telus TV+ in Browser - State that I need to Subscribe

All of a sudden, while I was watching telustvplus.com (in my browser), I lost ability to watch and it says that I need to subscribe to watch the channels. I have tried removing the link from my browser, restarting my browser, logging out and back in,...

KC17 by Friendly Neighbour
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