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Change network configuration on optik STB

Looking for some help.I have 2 VIP5602W optik boxes. 1 is upstairs paired wirelessly to my modem/router and is working properly.The other box is in my living room, was previously connected to my modem/router through a network cable. I moved the livin...

Lavinrak by Just Moved In
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Optik TV recordings

Hello.It has only recently come to my realization that older PVR recordings are deleted when storage is near full. I understand that the recordings cannot be retrieved when deleted, but is there a recording history I can access?Would I be able to vie...

Whyyc by Just Moved In
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tv channels.

Changed my channels that i get. went from 6 theme pack to 4 theme pack and 1 premium. the premium i picked was netflix. so i go to netflix channel amnd it asks me to pay 9.99 and credit card info. if netflix premium was included in my package, then w...

55651955 by Just Moved In
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Satellite Signal Box

How is my satellite signal lost on only one set top box but the other two still work?

Tkrysta by Just Moved In
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X box 1X and Arris 4K setop box integration

I cannt find the correct code to use the Xbox 1x controller as the remote. I can get the guise to display but the contoller doesnt have any functions other than the guide. I can change channels but I cannot disply only my subscrided channels. Has any...

ATOMANT by Just Moved In
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Set Top Problem

My television shut down, then a screen came on about set top problem. What is this?

Keltonca by Just Moved In
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Optik TV

Why does TELUS advertise 4K when I have never had 4K view in the many years I’ve had Optiks fibre? Another big promise that they never delivered on. My TV is 4K capable and when viewing the “4K” channels, I get 720p HD 16:9. Very disappointed in this...

DavidF by Just Moved In
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