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Tv problems

HiSome channels seems to always stall/freeze when watching

RSMS by Just Moved In
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CBC News channel rewind capability

Telus should permit viewers to rewind programming on the CBC News channel just like this feature is currently available for CTV News and Fox News. This would be especially helpful if we click on a channel that is covering a story or topic that we wan...

Marshall2 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV 4K PVR upgrade

Back in December, a Telus technician "upgraded" us to Optik TV 4K PVR for "free". However, he only upgraded the main box. The other 4 are still the Optik TV Wireless HD digital boxes. At the time that he did the upgrade, he told me that we would now ...

Bonbon_55 by Just Moved In
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Optik Channel lineup

Please place the preview channels between 802 CNN and 804 MSNBC at the beginning of news channels section of the OPTIK TV lineup so that we do not have to click through those preview channels when trying to switch between CNN and MSNBC to follow brea...

Marshall2 by Just Moved In
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Will my district support 4K or greater TV?

The last Telus technician told that the older area of Evergreen Estates was not wired to support a 4K or greater TV. How do I find out if this has been corerected?

gandgl by Just Moved In
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Amazon Prime & Optik TV

I see that Amazon Prime may be substituted as a theme pack on Optik TV. I am a little confused with this though as on the Telus website it says that this is only for new account holders for Amazon Prime. Am I correct in assuming that those of us with...

LesS by Friendly Neighbour
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Wireless digital box needs to be restarted everytime I open my monitor.

I have a:4k wireless digital box plugged into aSamsung pc monitorvia HDMI. My Optix TV is fine BUTif I open my monitor again...it's snowy... It only works once I manually restart the Optik TV from the device (NOT REMOTE). That takes 2-3 minutes. Any ...

PGal by Just Moved In
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my telus account

when i log into my account it say's page expired. changed password same result.

captcarl by Organizer
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