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HorribleT.V. Signal and Telus's Solution

I had Telus install their equipment and for 8 months have had to call for technical support as my picture was just scrambled pixels and lost audio over 24 calls and each time they give me free movies or a free movie package GREAT!!!! I have a problem...

Garbage by Neighbour
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Resolved! "Guide" and "My Favourites" display

When "Guide" or "My Favourites" is selected, the current channel continues to be displayed in the background. I find this an annoyance. To improve/enhance visibility of the programming choices, it would preferable if there was the option to display "...

Woody by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Free TV

How long before I will receive my free TV from Telus , was hooked up last week . will they let me know when its on the waythanks

Resolved! Telus Orpik TV junk mail

It seams that atlest once a month I get junk mail from Telus trying to get me to switch to their Orpik TV. Which I have no interest in doing, I like my current provider and don't want the hassel of switching. I know Telus has the right to advertise O...

Kreation by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PPV movies

Got a PPV movie last night for the first time. Half way thru we lost our signal during a moderate rain, nothing serious storm-wise. After 20 minutes we gave up and shut it off. When a PPV movie is purchased do you have access to it for 24 or 48 hours...

PJK by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Best movie on Video on Demand right now?

Planning on watching a movie with my wife tomorrow night. Recommendations? What do YOU think is the best movie on Optik Video on Demand right now?

FilipM by TELUS Employee
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