Bring back Bloomberg TV (U.S. feed) to the Optik TV News North America theme pack


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TELUS discontinued Bloomberg TV Canada (I.e. Bloomberg TV U.S. feed) on 2018-05-01(Tue) after the launch of BNN Bloomberg on 2018-04-30(Mon), thereby preventing me from recording Bloomberg TV U.S. stream shows on the TELUS provided PVR.


A day later, on 2018-05-02(Wed), Bloomberg L.P. announced the start of a metered paywall that charges users US $35/month for access to and the company’s consumer news apps. Non-subscribers can only stream 30 minutes of live TV or videos per day.


I cannot justify paying US $35 per month for content that was included in my TELUS News North America theme pack until 2018-04-30(Mon). Please bring back the U.S. feed to the theme pack or negotiate a preferential rate for TELUS' Canadian subscribers to stream live TV and videos from I think $3 per month, which is what I pay for BBC World News on Optik TV, would be reasonable amount.

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BellMedia has acquired the rights to the channel. As you already know Bloomberg and BNN has rebranded. The American feed won’t be coming back as a result of the launch.

You’re welcome to send your complaints to BellMedia, as this is out of Telus hands.

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