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Missing Episodes in VOD Library

Hi folks. We know you're passionate about your favourite show(s) and rely on the VOD library to catch up on or re-watch your episodes. We recognize certain episodes may not be as ready as you are so we'd like to enlist your help in flagging them. Sho...

dru by Community Manager
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Optik tv

My optik tv box has been saying initializing the digital box for 2 days I've tried turning it off from everywhere and it hasn't changed . It's just one box out three . What do I do ?

Myaa_ by Just Moved In
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How many HD items can run at one time?

New install fibre to house. Recording 2 HD show watching 1 HD show can't watch 2nd HD show. Reports too many HD must watch SD show. Thought I could have 5 HD at one time with Optik TV

Armie by Neighbour
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Why no offer Univision Canada and Discovery Kids like competition?

I have been with you guys over 5yrs and it is so disappointing that there is none Spanish channels what so ever(TLÑ doesn't count cause it's all in Italian and English) you guys offer tons of channels in other languages and keep adding more but NONE ...

PilyG by Just Moved In
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Optic tv

Got my 1080p but not all shows stream 1080p..Thank you telus for giving us 1080p..

MLB Network?

Any updates on MLB Network? Rogers picked it up January 2014. and MTS picked it up in September 2014. I have been patiently waiting for this channel since CRTC approved all Canadian TV providers to pick it up. Would be a great addition to the sports ...

Optic channels

Has anyone else noticed that telus has more HD channels now like action to me seems like its HD now and so does IFC..maybe its just me..

Optic tv

Telus does have a great picture even though its 1080i,today I went to a friends house and he has bell expressvue 1080p and I would say my TV has a far better picture then he has so I am going to stop complaining that i don't have 1080p.!!! I love my ...

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Resolved! Telus optic

Is there any word on if and when telus is upgrading optic to 1080p instead of 1080i??It sure would be nice on my new 4k 65" TV to us its full potential..i can use it on Netflix and blue ray,but not on my optic TV..not complaining because I love optic...

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Resolved! Optik tv internet based service really slow

My mom and me think the tv is really laggy and unresponsive to the remotes, especially the pvr and it has between 10 and 20% left on the hard drive, the telus tech said our house is out of a 20 is a 10 between the cabet and us, can there be any thing...

cafekief by Ambassador
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Telus optic tv

Just have a question, does telus have the fox fxx channel somewhere I can't find ,can anyone help..if so what channel and if not,why not!!!!

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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