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Audio and video out of sync

At least twice every time we watch TV we have to stop what we're watching because the audio and video are out of sync. It happens with live, recorded and even Netflix programs. We have to shut down everything and then turn everything back on. This is...

Optic Smart Remote 3.9 for IOS 9 is not working.

The most recent Optik Smart Remote update for Apple IOS 9 (version 3.9) has a problem with the number pad. There is no Enter key or Back key on the number pad, so there is no way to change channels on the Optik box.

Number and picture for the current pvrs and set top boxes

is there any linked on the internet for info on specs or what they look like right now? i know the there i think 7100 and 7105 for hard wired, what about links to website and what about the tv wireless access point device?or the the current to update...

cafekief by Ambassador
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Optik tv software upgrade?

i live in surrey ,bc and when will the update me arriving? i saw the client version is different now, what version does it have to be updated? does this update give performance boost to the pvr and or set top boxes?

cafekief by Ambassador
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What is an activation code for my optik tv

My optik TV started not working about 2 weeks ago, why does it say registration "please enter activation code" when I'm already a registered customer? This makes no sense because my WiFi went out at the same time and now its back but my TV isn't? Ple...

How to access CCTV cameras remotely

Telus has closed port forwarding so my cctv cameras are were no longer accessible. I hooked up a second router and was able to access my cctv cameras from home but not externally, has anyone had any luck accessing their cctv cameras externally

Moonfire by Neighbour
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