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Optik on the Go-No Results

Trying to watch "Optik on the Go" on the computer but the shows are not coming up. For example I go to Optik On the Go on the computer. Select "TV on Demand" and then GLOBAL and it comes up saying "Sorry, there are no Results", but yet if I go to "TV...

RJK by Neighbour
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Resolved! Optic tv stopped working; stuck on initializing

My tv worked for months and then when I tuned it on one day, it said your optic tv digital box is initializing. It's been stuck on that for days. I have two other tvs in the house that work fine. I've unplugged and replugged everything and that didn'...

Hello365 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Slimline 2 remote not working

Hi. My slimline 2 remote is not working. I have replaced the batteries twice and tried to reset it. The green led next to optic button flashes when I press guide (or anything else on the remote) but the remote does not respond. I have also reset the ...

Why no TV?

So my parents have been with Telus for at least four years, Internet and Phone. Last week they called Telus to get the 4K PVR and new modem, the one with AC wifi, and to go on a two-year contract with Telus. But the person they called said they canno...

Resolved! TMN go app

Can I use my satellite tv account to log in to the TMN go app? It only gives the optik tv login information.

Stuman by Just Moved In
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On Demand

I press my On demand button and menu comes up but nothing loads, how can I fix this? Thanks!

Brat by Just Moved In
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NBA League Pass recording

I was thinking of ordering League Pass but before I do I want to be sure I can PVR the games and watch them later. I assume you can but does anyone know for sure?

GTEI by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bridge Mode and OptikTV

If the T3200M is in Bridge Mode does it send the OptikTV signal to Port 1? I have a switch between the ONT and the T3200M and my own router connected to the switch (T3200M not in Bridge Mode). I notice that when I am using the OptikTV there is a stea...

jrueger by Ambassador
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Resolved! Netflix 5.1

Hello all, I have the 4K box. I have it running through a Onkyo NR737 receiver. When I use the app on 422, it outputsonly 2 channel PCM. All regular tv channels are in 5.1. I have checked all settings on the box, receiver & my tv(Samsung Smart tv)and...

Joel1 by Connector
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