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ISB7050 reconnection sequence?

Does anyone have the Optik PVR reconnection steps? Is it unplug modem first or unplug the ISB7050 first? At the same time?

xl by CPU Alum
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Optik TV Compression issues?

I have noticed reduced picture quality (darker images are “pixelated”) since switching over to TELUS Optik (from Shaw). I basically put up with it until I started doing some research online re: bitrate/compression problems (I know enough to be danger...

drobert77 by Just Moved In
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No PVR access

My Optik TV is working fine but I cannot access the PVR.

OlgaS by Just Moved In
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Bose interferes with 4K Arris box

We just got connected to the fiber optic network. They installed new 4K boxes, and now when I change the volume with my Bose remote the Arris box flickers black. If I try and change the volume a couple times the box will shut down and have to be rese...

Shank by Neighbour
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Remote PVR Management?

Doesn't seem like it's possible, but, maybe I'm missing something.Can I delete recordings from my home PVR thru the Optik TV app remotely?

gmosley by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Sonos Beam and Telus box?

I’m thinking about buying a Sonos Beam for my Sony Bravia but am concerned about seeing older comments that the Telus box won’t support the ARC cable. Has anyone had success with this?

Briguy by Neighbour
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Resolved! Temporary using one of my optik boxes on another persons setup.

I have three tv's in my house of which I only use two on a regular basis. I do stay with my daughter in Edmonton in order to see my grandchildren. I'm relegated to the basement with no tv and would like to be able to take my unused box and a tv there...

Resolved! Home screen update

Yesterday, when turning on the Optik box, a notice popped up about a "new" home screen. Now, whenever I turn on the Optik box, I get ribbons across the bottom of the screen listing "Live TV & Recordings" and "Continue Watching on Demand". It does dis...

dciarnie by Organizer
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PVR previous recordings are not playable

With Telus for many years. On October 21 I switched to a 2 year plan suggested by Telus staff. Later I found out that the recordings from that day and before are not playable no matter how long I wait, just blank screen. I Contacted Telus staff days ...

WingWing by Neighbour
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Netflix disconnecting and resetting the pvr

Hi,When I use Netflix it boots me off within a minute and immediately resets the Wireless optic 4k wireless uic4001 pvr. Oddly, I was able to watch a couple of episodes of the witcher before this occurred and now I cannot get Netflix to work (frustra...