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Can I switch the box to wi-fi?

Hello, I've been trying to reach Telus Support on the phone for a few days, but haven't been successful so far, the waiting time is too long (understandably, given the scenario). The chat agents are not available. Maybe someone here might be able to ...

Vini by Helpful Neighbour
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Free preview BBC World News, ch 821, not working

BBC World News, channel 821, is listed on the free preview page, yet it is not active at our house. I've power-cycled modem, PVR, and set-top boxes, without any joy. Ideas?

optik tv

i have tried to sign into sportsnet now and global tv with my optik tv account but it wont work. i can sign into the optik app but not things like sportsnet now and global tv apps. i have have tried to create a new optik tv account i made to the conf...

BIgmacdig by Just Moved In
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PVR does not record

For the last 3 days my PVR is not recording.It does not record schedule recording nor live recording (clicking the record button while watching). I have tried everything: resetting the box. unplugged and plug it back in, resetting the modem/router, u...

IMNegan by Neighbour
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Fiber Optic Upgrade In Nelson BC

They're installing the fiber optic lines street side, is there an e.t.a. on Optik TV in Nelson BC?

AudioBoy by Just Moved In
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Optik TV: Webplayer

Hi. The Optic TV Android App works fantastic! Whenever I stay at a hotel with SD TV, I fire up my Android Pad. However, I would like to watch Optic TV on one of my computers at Home. Sometimes the wife has one, and the grandkids the other TV we have....

Jim60 by Just Moved In
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PVR Recording

2 shows I set to record yesterday instead recorded a completely different show. Why?

BillM1 by Just Moved In
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Optik control via internet/IP

1. Is the Optik Slimline 2 remote IR and/or RF/Bluetooth based ? Does the Optik 4K box only support IR ? I would think not as most people now hide the box behind the TV!2. Is Optik 4K box controllable via automation platform like Crestron ? IP or RS2...

Ss_blake by Organizer
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Hi all, I rebooted my 5662 PVR because my other TVs were acting up. Now the internet is working fine and the wireless TVs are fine but the PVR wont connect and has solid lights - LINK, Bluetooth and Record. Im scared to reboot the modem again and los...

JP123 by Just Moved In
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