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Just Moved In
I’m just curious if anyone has had this issue arise with Telus. I’ll preface by saying I’ve been a long-standing Telus customer and my accounts are all in order. In fact, Telus owed me money in 2018 when this was alleged. So yesterday I receive an email from KMB Law indicating that I owe money to Telus and that If I don’t pay x number of dollars by December 29th, they’ll potentially take legal action. In the email, it alleges that “We are advised that despite many requests for payment, this balance remains outstanding”. Again, I am with Telus and have been for years. It’s irksome as they have all of my info, I have a Telus mobility number, they have all of my current addresses. Thanks.


Just Moved In
I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me and am getting nowhere with Telus. Telus says I don’t owe any money on their end and have no idea why KMB Law is contacting me. At first she told me they don’t use KMB Law and then after asking her support team she learned it was a ‘new’ company telus is using. Something seems very off about this.


That's pretty weird! If your TELUS accounts are all in order and you called to ensure this, then it seems like some sort of phishing / fraud scheme! I'd forward the details regarding the call to