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Slimline 2 remote turns on the TV with the 4k box, but not off.


Hey all, really weird one here.  I've talked to Tech Support, the guy who installed the boxes, and no one can figure it out.  It's a Sharp TV, 1080p, good enough for my mother-in-law, and when I go on the website, there's no codes for the TV model, so I get 12 to try, 1 works. 


Small detail here, I know, but might mean something.  During programming, you enter the code, light beside the TV button flashes.  Press the TV button, then the OK button.  When you press the OK button, the light beside the TV button is supposed to flash, but the light beside the Optik button comes on instead. 


Anyways, I finish programming, and the TV function is so erratic, it's useless.


Now this is for my cognitively impaired MIL, change is not good.


Any insights?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Only 12 codes? There are more than that available for Sharp:


1179   1402   1746   1376   1301   1927
1669   1656   1639   1375   1182   1180
1932   1779   1747   1720   1638   1530
1517   1290   1212   1181   1178   1152


Also when programming, do you press and hold the TV button until the TV turns off, before hitting OK?


There is also:


Power sync your digital box and TV

  1. You can set up your digital box and TV to turn on with 1 button press. Press and hold the Options button for 3 seconds, until the green LED on the remote control flashes twice
  2. Enter code 0007 – the green LED will flash twice. The Optik power button will then turn on both your digital box and TV (and amplifier if programmed). To turn power sync off, enter code 0006 and the green LED will flash twice

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I was referring to the 12 codes given on the website.  I got the codes you listed from an email from my installer.  


As for button combo, yes, I press OK after I press the TV button.  


And I always power sync when I do a test.  


Thank-you for your insights though, good to know I'm on the right track.

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Community Power User

As long as you press OK after the TV shuts off, that should work.


If you haven't already, I'd try every code listed for Sharp. Depending on the age of the TV, one of those should work. Some may only allow certain functions like to turn it on, but not off.


Plus, the codes I posted were from the website. You just had to scroll down to downloads to find the Additional Code list. 🙂

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I'll give it a try, and let you know how it goes.  Thanks for the help.


Nope.  A few of the codes, 4 or 5 would erratically shut the TV off and on, just like the blanket one 1179, I can't get the TV lights to flash when I press okay, only the Optik light comes on.  Something wrong with the remote?

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What is the date of manufacture on the TV and model.

Sharp LC-42LB261U  Mfg. Date - Sept. 2014


If you can work some voodoo, that would be sweet.  One thing I will tell you, the Slimline 2 with her 1080p wireless box worked just fine.  

Okay, so I swapped remotes, and now the lights flash in the right place, but the result is the same.  Once I program 0007 into the remote to powercycle both the box and TV at the same time, the box goes off, not the TV.  Press again, TV goes off, box comes on, etc, etc.  So, I turned the box on, when the TV was on and the box was initially off, same result.  Box goes off, TV does not.  Does anyone have any ideas, I'm fresh out.

Just wondering.... if you look at your Sharp TV remote.  Is the button to turn ON the TV, the same button to turn the TV OFF?  Or do you use TWO different buttons for ON and OFF?

Good question. It is a single button.

Which Telus remote do you have?

  • Slimline?
  • Slimline 2?

Telus remotes compared


Definitely the slimline 2.

If you have the Slim2.... what happens if you push the green Optik button?  Does the Optik box and TV both turn on?


What happens if you push the white TV button?  Does the TV turn on and off?

Once programmed, the Optik button turns on, once, both items.  Then, you never know what you'll get with regards the TV.  The TV button does exactly what it's supposed to, turn on and off on command.  And, before you ask, when the TV is on, and the box off, have I manually turned the box on to sync them?  Yes, and when I do that, just the box turns off, again.  It's  as if the "box off" command overrides everything else that's on.  I even tried switching boxes, to no avail.  I may have to run a cable over there, since it seems to work on the other 2 Tv's.

To clarify.... the behavior is....

  1. Press the green button to turn Optik and TV on
  2. Press the green button to turn Optik and TV off

If the TV stays on, press the TV button to turn the TV off.


Pressing the green button again would turn the Optik and TV on again to repeat the cycle.


Some other thoughts to turning the TV off....

  • does the remote work more reliably if the room is totally dark?  That is no sunlight and no room lighting of any sort.
  • does the remote work more reliably if you are closer to the TV... 10 feet away? 5 feet away? 12 inches away?

Yes, what you're suggesting does work, but I have to take into account my dymentia-plagued mother-in-law.  I can't ask her to remember that sequence.  I sometimes have to go and turn one or the other on, as she's hit the wrong button.


As for room type, it doesn't matter, bright or dark, and I'm sitting 6ft from the TV when doing all these tests.

I too had eldercare issues not long ago.  Having the box and TV get out of sync is frustrating.


I ended up using Slingbox to remotely check and fix sync issues when away from the home.

Slingbox is pretty expensive, when I live next door. I'm just going to have to teach her to use a new button, and leave the box on.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Maybe the PikTV interface would be easier for her. Live channels only; limited selection of channels, and a single on/off button.


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I thought of that, but she's a low income senior, and I'd like to let her use my account.