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Satellite TV - no forum?


I subscribe to Telus satellite TV in rural B.C. and realize Telus is using Bell's service and is no longer taking new subscribers.  They are, however, supposed to be supporting existing subscribers but I see no forum listed here for satellite TV so am posting my question here under Optik TV.


My TV connected to the primary receiver (PVR) gets all of my subscribed HD channels except for 1562 & 1564, the CTV and CBC news channels.  I do get them on my other TV, connected to the secondary receiver.  This same issue (exactly the same channels and reported by customers in both Alberta and B.C.) was discussed in a 2016 Forum discussion but there was no resolution given.  Telus has boosted my signal and I've rebooted but it didn't help.  Any ideas?  Thanks!



@chris5  I checked my hd channels 1562 & 1564 are there. What is boosted my signal ??. Did you go to system setup then factory defaults. Or is this 

what you mean by reboot. Polecat

These were instructions from Telus Support when I contacted them using the Chat feature.  They said they'd boost the signal to my satellite PVR and then I should reboot the receiver (turn off and then on).  Also, they told me to make sure I have an HDMI connection, to check initial setup settings, and see if the missing channels show up under All Channels (they don't).  The strange thing is they do show up on my other TV, connected to the secondary receiver and that's what the people with this same problem in 2016 were saying before the topic was closed with no resolution.  I can watch them in SD on the main TV but it seems like there should be some simple fix.

@chris5   Never heard off a boost for a single receiver ??  Off and on i don't think will do it. Go to menu-system setup- factory default. The off on same as power outage receiver still the same when it comes back on. The factory default does  it a different way. Takes approx 5 minutes. If that doesn't work have them give you another pvr. Polecat

@polecat  That was a good suggestion since I've never done a factory reset.  I tried it but the missing channels still didn't appear.  The one crazy thought I had was, is it possible these two Canada news channels might be required to be available to everyone so they limit the signal strength to allow only one HD broadcast per household (if that's even possible but I don't know anything about satellite transmission)?  If you get these two channels in HD on more than one TV then that theory's wrong.  Maybe time for a new PVR as you said.  Thanks for your help.  chris5

@chris5  I looked back at one of my missing channel blogs had to remember what happened. I was missing 501 ctv news at that time. Got a hold of satellite people back then and they brought the channel back on line for my package. Saw another blog and they did the same for someone for the  hd news ones. You can order single channels in some cases and they put those up on your package and your bill. Telus has copper people fiber people and satellite people you have to talk to the right one. I think on chat you can ask for satellite and the same on the phone. Try 310 8324 i have good luck with that number for wait times. Always ask for Sate people the other ones can't help you. The channels up and down from sate are controlled by Bell and they control  the channel package for every customer. I just have the basic and the time shift as long as TSN is there good enough for me. Love to read morning news  that it. Dial the 310 the way you see it nothing extra. Polecat

Boosting the signal to your receiver makes no sense as that's not how the product works. The support from agents for Sat TV is not the greatest as training for it seems to have been put on a lower priority since the product has been grandfathered.


There is a known defect for missing channels that impacts the 9241 model PVR for customers who subscribe to the Ultimate combo. Basically there are now too many channels that are included in the top tier subscription pack and the smart chip inside the receivers cannot store enough information to have all of the channels unlocked. The only fix for this is to either downgrade to a smaller subscription package or have the 9241 receiver replaced with the 9400 model which uses an external smart card instead of an internal chip. Technicians might not have the 9400 on hand though as these are limited in stock again due to the product being grandfathered. 

@Chicnstu Thanks, that's an interesting possibility because my PVR is model 9241.  I was limited in Telus satellite package options and have the Classic package (75 SD, 42 HD channels at the time of subscribing in late 2017).  The higher option, named the Popular package, is not available up here in the mountains and had a total of 192 channels (121 SD, 75 HD) at the time I subscribed.  I'll check this PVR channel limitation issue out with Telus though and if they don't seem to have a knowledgeable satellite person around, I still have the business card of the Telus installer who might still be around as they still have an internet business in my area and possibly Telus TV with copper down in the valley.


Also, I did look up Bell's troubleshooting options for missing channels on the 9241 PVR.  I tried all their recommendations except for a synchronization of channels using an online Bell account which I don't have since I'm a Telus customer, piggybacking on Bell's satellite service.  Telus should enable a similar synchronization to my Telus channel package subscription but, as you said, this isn't high priority (or even of interest) for them given it's a grandfathered service.