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On demand - paid or free?


I'm not familiar with the on-demand areas. The only time I've explored on-demand is when Telus gave me some free movies to apologize for trouble. I rented a movie once or twice as well.

I found a bunch of movies in Starz, via the tv on demand menu. There is no price listed, so I'm assuming they're included in my subscription? I have Crave+Movies+HBO with Starz. The channel listings (404, 410) don't mention Starz (though that is where the movies are found) , and I have Starz 1 and 2 but don't see a Starz on demand channel listing - just the two Crave+Movies+HBO selections. 

Just a bit confused by how things are labelled. Are these movies free with the subscription I have? Thanks for info!


Community Power User
Community Power User

There are lots of On-Demand titles which are free. Those with a fee attached will be marked as such, so there is no surprise.


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That's fantastic.  Sometimes things seem obvious, but I've been surprised before. Thanks again, as always!!!