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TelusTV-21T and universal remotes

Just Moved In
I've just had a TelusTV-21T box installed. I do not like the remote and would prefer my universal remote. The codes for Telus do not work for this newer tech.

Is there a four digit code(s) for the TelusTV-21T box?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Cakehead what remote do you use? Does it work via IR or bluetooth? If bluetooth, you could try pairing via Settings > Device settings > Remotes & accessories.


If it's only IR, you'd likely have to connect with the remote manufacturer, as it's up to them to decide which devices to support. Their remote pairs to the TELUS box, not vice versa, so they would need to program it on their end.


In general, we cannot guarantee that certain functions (voice control, Netflix/Prime launching) will work with 3rd-party remotes.