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Arris 4k Wireless box DIN port

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Hello I have an Arris VIP5662W 4K box. I want to connect to a non-HDMI TV and the installer provided the breakout cable. Thing is it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know if the DIN port is active by default, could it be my cable? etc. There is very little information online beyond the manual showing it is possible with the cable, which I do have. Thanks in advance.



The port is active by default. I've run in to issues with them before though. Sometimes it was the breakaway dongle itself that was faulty and replacing it fixed the issue. Other issues it was a problem with the port on the main board inside the box as when you connect the dongle you have to press very hard to get it to connect properly and it almost feels like you have to push so hard you risk breaking some of the leads on the chip for the port connecting it to the board. If you still have the number of the tech who gave you the dongle give him a shout so he can bring you another one. If that doesn't work then your 4k box might need to be replaced.

I find mine is loose. I don’t think I’ve tried pushing it in with extreme force. I just have to be careful it doesn’t fall out, because the sockets on the other end pull on it. Sometimes I’ve used tape to support the hanging parts, so I know it’s not going to come loose. As long as mine is connected, it works fine.

Yeah that's not normal. If its loose its not in all the way. Don't be afraid to push on it really hard. IMO it's a design flaw by Arris. It should be snug in to the socket and tight enough that you can't pull it out without applying some decent force.


Not sure if you checked for this.  There is a thing called SOC, selective output control.  If hdmi cable is connected, it disables the output into the DIN port.  Check that one first.  I have successfully used the breakout cable for a while but it doesn't work if there is an HDMI cable connected.


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Dos the audio still work? Or the hole port is off?


Does anyone know where I can buy this cable?



The red/white analog audio is always on when hdmi is used.

Just ask a Telus or AFL contractor employee and they will very likely give you one...not sure where to buy one.

Unfortunately they refuse to give one.

I am avoiding to make one. Maybe i'll find someone who has a spare and sells it to me.

Thank you. I understand now. When the hdmi is plugged in, the analog image is blocked but not the audio.

Hello again,

The AFL contractor says they will only help if I find out the part number. May anyone check that, please?

@msramalho wrote:

Hello again,

The AFL contractor says they will only help if I find out the part number. May anyone check that, please?

If you're in the Edmonton area I can get you one. Otherwise what you need is called Arris VIP 56N2 Breakout Cable. Part # 2369193. Any Telus tech should have these on hand or can easily obtain one. The AFL contractor might be a different story.

Thank you very much. Unfortunately I am in Portugal.

AFL contractor says "that is not an AFL part number". I think they are messing with me. -.-'

I assumed AFL used the same inventory records as Telus techs but I guess not. How are you planning on acquiring the part if you're in Portugal?

Thanks for your help. It was one of the most helpfull pieces of information I got so far. It was a shame that AFL could not help. I will try telus.

AFl said they could sent by postal or maybe talk to AFL portugal. However they needed the part number.

Hi again,

Sorry for keep asking difficult questions.
Do you have any more info on the cable like a connections diagram?

Now I am seriously thinking in making my own cable XD.

I can get you some pics of the cable itself. If you google Arris breakout cable you'll see a diagram of it but not sure if that will help too much. Now I'm curious what you're using the box for over in Portugal... Are you getting Optik over some kind of VPN connection back to a residence in Canada? This is starting to get quite fascinating.

No. XD
I have here a provider that uses an arris vip5662EW and has never heard of the cable and don't use it. They even said that the manual they gave us wrong because that cable does not exist.
So have done lot of research and found this forum and the pinouts site but no more info on the cable

Does diagram you saw show some info on the connections, like pin 1-ground, pin 2-audio L?

The only other thread I found that talks about each pin other than the one you linked is this one

Thank you

So after all this time I found out that the arris part number is 598887-001-00  and  the name is AUDIO VIDEO BREAKOUT CABLE FOR VIP56N2 PRODUCTS.