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Why did telus eliminate nearly all of its combo roaming passes?

Just Moved In

I think I know why—to force people to ante up $12 as soon as they receive a text or look at Google Maps if they’re not on WiFi. Or pay $160 for 30 days of continuous use. 


I wanted to get the $50 Europe roaming combo pass, only to find that it no longer exists. 


Business customers have access to cheaper options. 


Thanks for the rip-off, telus. 



$12 a day up to $150 per billing cycle is a lot better than what it used to be.  The combo passes never really had a realistic amount of data/texts/calls on them.  A trip to Europe generally costs thousands of dollars.  Being able to use your phone on your plan for $150 is a pretty good deal.  Telus also has quite a few countries on their list, it is extensive.


You have a couple of options.  PAYG SIM's overseas are dirt cheap and the plans they have are a crapton better than the laughable rates Canadian's get from Canadian providers.  EE/T-Mobile and Vodafone all have exceptional international rates.  My UK SIM allows me to call Canada for 5p a minute.  Your device is SIM unlocked more than likely.  That is honestly your best option.  


If your device has WiFi Calling, try disabling all of the location services, put your device in Airplane Mode, and then enable WiFi Calling.  Depending on the device, it should work.  Android P prevents you from fully disabling your location services without root.  Apple devices are also another exception.  Most Android devices with Oreo or earlier can easily take advantage of the Telus implementation of WiFi Calling when roaming if they disable all of the location services and keep the device in Airplane Mode.  Telus also does Geo-lock WiFi Calling to a Canadian IP address.  If you have a newer Apple or Android device, a good VPN service set to Canada will easily get that working for you while abroad as well.  

That looks like good advice.