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It was a fun three days, but now i am throttled.


I thought I actually had something almost workable with the Telus Rural hub. For three days I have been getting 130down/30up with 30ms ping. But today is the day the artificial brakes came on. I now have 24.7down/13up 21ms ping, even though my cell phone gets 95/30 28ms ping. Same APN Same Tower.


My signal has improved on the hub from -110 to -98, and displays LTE+ solidy. (should be good for 450mbps with full signal, so I should be just a tad under 200Mbps with that signal)


My only gripe was not having a usable NAT for online gaming, but now I am back to that good old slow overpriced rural internet.


This forum seems to have banned me without explanation earlier today, but the ban has magically lifted now without explanation. Also this site keeps giving me the Url requested is blocked errors. Probably due to the quality of my internet connection.


So the short story is the hub could work really really well, but it does not. Even under ideal conditions.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The forum is having multiple issues and you were never “banned”. Telus is working with the vendor to have the issue(s) resolved. It even took me 9 tries to finally even reply to your post.

Good to know telus is fixing something.


I just read today that Starlink Canadian beta might be early next year. They only have spectrum approval left. Hopefully the feds expedite the approval. 

So close to having a real internet connection, I am so excited.