Blocked Mobile data

I’ve tried every avenue to manually unblock my mobile data., my Telus. I’ve changed all my notify and block settings as well as spent an hour and a half with data manager. I waited for the 1.5 hours for Telus Assist but the screen stayed blank and of course the 24/7 customer service is really only 8 hours/5 days a week... if it matters I have an iPhone 8+...Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
Community Power User
Community Power User

Was your data working before? Was there a change in the behaviour of your phone? Have you reached your data limit?


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We might have some ideas if you provided more details. At this point you have only provided the equivalent of "My car won't go. I checked under the hood. It's a Honda. Any ideas?"


Why do you think your data is blocked? That is, what are you seeing to make you think it's blocked?