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When is Telus expected to offer family apple watch plans to support the new Family Setup feature with children's apple watches? I want to add an extra apple watch to my current phone, and let it have a different phone number.


Why wasn't there any Canadian providers offering this service at launch?


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Do you ask this in jest?  Every time there is a new feature, no Canadian carrier is first out the gate.  And when things do get introduced in Canada, it is rarely Telus anywhere near the starting gate.


Maybe ask in about 2022. 

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Apple's list of currently supported countries and carriers for the Family Setup plans:


Apple's past releases have always started in a limited number of countries before expanding to more. This isn't the first time Canada has been skipped for the initial release of a feature or service by Apple.

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I spoke to an agent this past week about another matter. She says that they received training on this feature in March. Expecting something soon.
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It is available now