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Invite for OnePlus One 64GB

I have a shareable invite to purchase a OnePlus One 64 GB which expires on Jan 29. First person to PM me gets it. Only qualification rule is you must have at least 1 post on the TELUS Neighbourhood dated before January 23 2015.

xray by Hero
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Resolved! Which should i get? Note 4 or iphone 6 plus

Am a guy and 20 years old and looking for a new phone. I am thinking to get galaxy note 4 but the apples iphone 6 plus is in gold and they update their software mostly every month with android every 6 to 12 months. Or should i wait for note 5, so pos...

cafekief by Ambassador
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Resolved! Device price matching at dealers?

I was wondering i the telus device price matchas guarantee extended to dealers such as futureshop and best buy or if it was only the big 3(telus, rogers and bell)

Resolved! wait until current contract end or?

With my current contract with Telus ending early next year, I recently purchased the nano-SIM card and an unlocked iphone 6. Do I have to wait until my contract ends to call Telus to activate my new iphone and plug the SIM card in? or can I do it now...

chaopeggy by Friendly Neighbour
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Problem with app working on Alcatel Pop Icon.

I have an alcatel pop icon phone. I previously used the Samsung discover. when I transferred the micro sd from the Samsung to the alcatel everything was fine for months, I even turned the phone on and off without problem. the last time I turned off t...

Want some suggestions about software?

Hi everyone, I'm new here.I heard that there is a lot of promotion activities recently.Because of my work, I have to use phone in most of the time, so a useful software is important to me. As a man who is not in favor of shopping, I prefer to change ...

mellyran by Just Moved In
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Conduct a Survey: Approve or Not the New Version.

After 14-days of being launched the "New Forum Version" No signs of getting better. The number of questions and replies it's gone down, navigate in its (User-Interface) is a nightmare. The last activity in the forum boards it doesn't, synchronize pro...

v9 by Rockstar
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Resolved! Will a micro NFC SIM card work in iphone 4?

I purchased a refurbished iphone 4. My current SIM card does not fit. I went to the local Telus store and the employee told me I had to get an older micro SIM, not NFC, as NFC will not work at all in an iphone 4, and they had none in stock. I went ba...

jtdlmc by Friendly Neighbour
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