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SmartHome Security FAQ's

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we launched our SmartHome Security board, and so much has changed since. You may have seen me around, but I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m MelH, and I’ll be your security go-to expert. I wanted to take ...

MelH by TELUS Employee
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Normal panel ask for PIN Code every time ARMED.Hey does you know Panel icons Scenes PIN Code is no Required? My Smart Home Security Panel Panel did not ask for PIN CODE every time I push my finger SCENES ICONS. Example:I ask friend please touch your ...

Telus smart home, add 2nd mobile device...

Telus smart home with a video doorbell. Main smart home user account has an Android phone with the smart home app installed and push notifications working when someone presses the doorbell.I have a 2nd smart home user account set up on an iPhone, sma...

Time wrong time on new system

When the time changed, the time on my system did not so my security system is an hour ahead. How can I reset that since it's supposed to update automatically

Dpronk by Just Moved In
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IMEI number not accepted on Home Security Panel

I'm a new-to-Telus Smart Home security customer. I recently received my panel and sensors in the mail. Now, for the problem: I signed-in to the Smart Home app, chose "Self-Installation", and the app asked me for the IMEI number. I entered the IMEI nu...

Liftmaster 84501 - not detected by security pannel.

Been trying to get my Liftmaster 84501 working with the Telus alarm app with no success.This model has both the MyQ bluetooth and WIFI onboard, and looking on ADT's website it shows that there are no additional devices needed for it to be compatible ...

Foonus by Ambassador
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External siren

Does Telus really still not have an external siren for their alarm systems?Not much good having the only siren on the panel that can't even be heard outside IMO. Would be nice if at least the neighbors could hear it going off.(We have soffit plugs un...

Alarm went off and I received no phone call

I was at work and looked at my phone noticing I received an email 2hrs ago that my alarm went off.I quickly checked my cameras and saw everything was fine. (false alarm from the motion)I'm very upset I didn't receive a call about the alarm from the r...

Teejay348 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Results Satsfaction Guidelines

Hello All I am new to Telus and have been unable to locate Results Satisfaction guidelines. The link is not working. I have contacted support. In the meanwhile, can someone email the guidelines to me or provide another way to access this information

carol1111 by Just Moved In
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Backyard Camera doesn’t always record

We’ve had our security system for a little over a month and it hasn’t worked properly since day one! Our backyard camera records maybe 65% of the time. We have done the trouble shooting ourselves, called into Telus and did the troubleshooting with a ...