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What does Your Basics + Pik5 mean?

I am subscribed to "Your Basics + Pik5"! What does this mean? I can't watch nay channels unless I pay for them....

hkiingi by Just Moved In
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Pik TV

Hi, I am curious to know why FOX ABC, NBC are not available on pik TV, yet they are available on optik TV, I don't see the difference, without these channels it hardly makes it worth the sign up, I'm thinking of canceling and going with tech-savvy as...

JOESHMOW by Just Moved In
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Streaming of TV Shows Freezing Permanently

I used my BeeLink BT3 Pro mini computer for streaming of TV shows in the Internet browsers using Pik TV app. Before TELUS upgraded this app I had no issues with streaming, but now with the new Pik TV app it is freezing every 3 sec. The Technical Supp...

mikdin by Just Moved In
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Playback error on Microsoft Edge browser

Was working yesterday, today I’m advised of a needing to use new site address and now it doesn’t work. Message in the developer tools “uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play( ) request was interrupted by a call to pause ( ).”

momofkats by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus - Why would you deploy Pik "upgrade"?

This hot mess is clearly barely functional. I have to reboot my device and/or logout/login again on a daily basis. There's no way you even bothered to test this before rolling it out. Why not rollback until you get this sorted out? It's been weeks an...

Spyhop by Just Moved In
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PIK TV app is unresponsive

PIK TV guide on AppleTV is mostly unresponsive and when it works it generates an error message. Are there any plans to fix the app?

Android Pik TV app doesn't work after update - Error 6006

App was working until it forced me to update a few weeks ago. Now I get error 6006 every time I try to play something. Tech support did not have any information on this error. I have an older but top end Android tablet (Samsung SM-T700) with Android ...

Jfattog by Just Moved In
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Resolved! My Brllliant Friend - missing episodes

The last two episodes of My Brilliant Friend season 3 (episodes 7 and never showed up on my online Pik TV Crave channel. Do you have access to them?

oac by Friendly Neighbour
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PIK TV Issues STILL after previous update

Is there a fix coming?My guide still constantly freezes and changes my channel displayMy phone app continuously signs me outI no longer have access to CRAVEI can no longer watch my app through my projector (phone via direct hdmi cord)I constantly get...

KPicken by Just Moved In
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