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Pik app on Apple TV only plays current TV

Pik on Apple TV is only playing what is currently on. I cannot play anything on demand from any of the channels. It’s not 1983! I have updated the app, logged out and signed back in to no avail.

K8 by Just Moved In
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Pik App no longer works on iPad

My Pik App stopped working in my iPad after the update. I’ve logged out, deleted it and redownloaded it. It opens but nothing will play. Super frustrated!

K8 by Just Moved In
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PikTV app says not internet connection everytime I shutdown apple tv

Hi there, Background:I installed the PikTV app on an AppleTV all new on June1 2022. The AppleTV has a Cat5 connection to the internet and has an HDMI connection to the TV. Problem:Everytime the AppleTV is powered off and powered on again, the PikTV a...

Armity by Just Moved In
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What happen to the ON DEMAND listings?

I pay for ON DEMAND for Crave and HBO. I search for the George Carlin documentary ... I type in full name ... I click on thumbnail ... no episodes. Telus makes me feel like a fool ... wastes my time? I have experienced many examples of NO DEMAND vs O...

DAMU by Neighbour
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Video Stuttering

PIK TV downgrade ... not an upgrade. With the recent "upgrade/downgrade", I observe video stuttering in almost every TV show/movie I watch. The latest Telus commercial advertises competitors video stuttering vs Telus. I have watched the ad enough tim...

DAMU by Neighbour
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Pik TV channel token expired

Anyone Else Get Token Expired Error When Selecting One Of Their Subscribed Live Channels?I Have To Kill The Pik App On Nvidia Shield Many Times A Day Now To Get It To Work.STILL Waiting For This New Telus Box We Were Suppose To All Get.

Old box is done, but no new box has arrived

I've had PikTV for a couple of years now, using an old box. Last month, Telus informed me that they were sending me a new box. Well, it's June 1, the old box doesn't work anymore, and I have not received the new box they claim to have shipped. What's...

geobeck by Friendly Neighbour
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Now What?

Guys, what now, I turn on piktv today and at the home screen there is no channel listing.There's are 4 rows,Android STB home billboard,Resume,(which honestly comes and goes),HighlightsFavoritesWhere are the channels? Am I supposed to navigate away fr...

Qix by Organizer
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Resolved! How To Keep a Channel Forever On?

I only want to watch 1 channel. Every time I have it on, after 4 hours, it defaults back to PIK's main menu.

tonten by Organizer
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Pik TV Update Issues

Having similar issues with error codes, menu freezing after latest update, apps needs closing/reopening constantly. Am also now missing a channel from the guide, channel is missing whether on subscribed or all channels.