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New Optik TV app feedback

First let me state that I primarily use the app to add and view recordings on my PVR. I rarely use any of the other features. I'm on an iPhone 6S with the latest IOS. The good news is the app seems more stable and I don't have to force restart it nea...

FuzzyLogic by Community Power User
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Automatic channel subscription?

Hello, I am a new Telus customer so maybe I don't understand how things work with Optic TV Essentials. My wife wanted the "News North America" theme pack to which I have added to my subscription at a extra cost. When I checked my account, it appears ...

SG by Just Moved In
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Home screen optik tv

Why is there no home screen button on Telus remote? Occasionally when I start watching Optik TV it will come up with a display showing programs I recently watched, OCCASIONALLY. Other times it comes up with Recordings, there is no way to get to the l...

4K Firmware Update in Dec 2019 causing blank screens?

I had a Telus Technician visit in December 2019, and he coordinated a firmware update to all my 4K Optik TV boxes. Since then, the box hooked up to my 2015 Samsung JS8500 seems to have the picture go blank/black after the TV is off for a couple hours...

AWDSOME by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PVR recording not playable

Two scenrios: 1. Set up recording of one hour show. Started playback a couple of days later, show went halfway through, screen turned black. Still said there was 25 minutes of show remaining in the timer at the bottom of the screen. Was able to watch...

Ev by Neighbour
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Chopped out audio

I see our old Nemesis is back in Prince George. Missing chunks of Audio specifically on Channel 104. Same problem happened a little over a year ago and it took Telus almost 8 months to rectify it then. I hope they are a little more serious about reso...

Resolved! Missing On Demand

From CityTV The Lincoln Rhyme: Bone Hunter is missing Episode 5. I don’t really want to watch the new episode 6 missing an episode.When can this be updated?

kkip by Just Moved In
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