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TELUS TV User Experience Research Group

Dearest Neighbours, Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, we’ve been working hard at implementing your valuable feedback! We’ve gotten to know some of you through this forum, especially the regular community con...

Resolved! Optik TV Bulletin Board: Discover, Discuss, and Develop

Dear Neighbours, We’re the TV Product Development team, and we strive to bring you a continuously improving TV service and experience that fits your needs. Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, our business and ...

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Laptop display to TV screen

Is it possible to link my Laptop display to my television display?My laptop can be hardwired to my TELUS modem or WIFI is active.

B2A1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! On Demand keeps skipping/cutting out

Watching programs On Demand and the program keeps cutting out, like it's skipping. Why!!!?

Robyn1 by Just Moved In
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American Heroes Channel Request

Is it possible to have the American Heroes Channel added to services available on Optik, please?

Bruce2 by Just Moved In
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Free 55 inch Samsung 4K TV

Hi I’m a new telus customer (used to be with Shaw) and I just moved to a new apartment and they had a 25% off deal for just living there, but I really liked shaws channels and prices, so I called in and asked what were some popular bundles. The lady ...

Program Telus remote

I have a Sony tv x900h, and a Samsung soundbar hwq 60t, I want to have the soundbar turn on with the tv. I tried programming the remote got the green flashing light put in a Samsung code got the yellow flashing light, turned the tv off and pressed ok...

Belgravia CBC

The episodes won't play past a few minutes saying we'll be back shortly. But it isn't. Has anyone been successful watching it?

Hsol by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Modem Extension Cable

I want to move my tv to another part of my living room but I only have one connection port. I am wondering if you can buy a longer cable from the wall to the modem so I can move it wherever I would like in my living room?

Northwind by Just Moved In
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AB chanel issue with PBS

Wondering if anyone else is seeing issues on optic tv in Alberta with PBS channel 140 it as if the signal is having issues were the color brightness is coming in and out. I figured this was my tv at first but only this channel has the problem.

Resolved! Multiple PVR's in one home

I was wondering if a home can have more than one Optik PVR in it?? My service came with 1 PVR, and another UHD wireless set top box. I have got my hands on 2 free PVR's and want to add them to my account and connect my other 2 TV's in my home so I ha...

Kalidgh by Advisor
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