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Resolved! Centre Ice channel guide not displaying game info

Not on any of our boxes and not on the Optik app. Since it’s happening on an iPad app as well as the tv boxes in our home, I suspect it’s a Telus problem. A bit inconvenient, Telus please fix this! Thank you!

IFC Films Unlimited

I have been watching the free preview of IFC Films Unlimited which is now ended but for the life of me I cannot locate a price or if this channel is included in a package. I'm not sure who designed the website but it's horrible for finding channels a...

Season 1 episode 1 True Blood

Is anyone else having an issue with this? I can play other episodes but not the first one of the first season. It's annoying because I want to start from the beginning.

Stylo by Just Moved In
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Latest Episodes On Demand

Lately, I’m noticing that certain episodes for some of the shows I watch are taking forever to be added to On Demand! I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks for the latest 90 Day Fiancé episodes, and they still haven’t been added even though they aired awhil...

erikam by Just Moved In
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recording series

I tried setting up recording "Blue Jays in 30" as a series, but nothing gets recorded. I can record it as an episode, but not as a series. Why is that?

BobbyGee by Friendly Neighbour
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Missing episodes

Friends episodes 23 and 24 of season 9 are on Crave online, but not on my TV Crave on demand.

Lkarasick by Just Moved In
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Recordings disappeared after reboot

My PVR wasnt working (it indicated it was still taping shows from last night and wouldn't record any current shows), so I reboot the main pvr box. That said once it rebooted all my recordings disappeared, however it is recording my currently schedule...

CC-123 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Programming slimline 2 to amazon fire TV

hello everyoneHaving trouble programming the Slimline 2 to the new Amazon Fire TV, no codes found in the manual or in google search. And the search function will find one that can turn the TV off (but not back on) can change input, but no other funct...

ribbertw by Organizer
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Telus Rewards

I was wondering if anyone else has been keeping an eye on the ps5 contest, through the Telus Rewards page?The contest had ended Jan 31/22, but stayed on the "Current Contests" section for at least 6 weeks. Now the contest has disappeared, with no "wi...

Optic TV Box has Client error after update

All my Optic TV Boxes are showing "client error" after they did an update from Telus. Nothing is working! Spent two hours on the phone with a tech rebooting everything multiple times. to no effect Now they are saying it will take a week for a tech to...

HandyMark by Just Moved In
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