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PVR skipping to end of show when hit skip

Hey everyone! I'm new here and did a search and couldn't find this problem posted anywhere. My PVR is randomly deciding to skip all the way to the end of the recording when I'm skipping through commercials. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a s...

Spannaz88 by Friendly Neighbour
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Picture quality

I have a 70" projectin TV and have satellite presently for service. I would like to switch to Optik TV but am concerned with the picture quality. Tried Cable once and the qaulity was teribel.

mgt by Just Moved In
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Bring us BeinSports channel!!

Is there anything on the roadmap for Telus to provide us with BeinSport channel. BeinSport channel is being distrirbuted all over NorthAmerica now and as a telus customer I wan't to know if my provider is going to start streaming this channel. A game...

Kusha by Neighbour
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Resolved! optik tv on the go on blackberry

When are we getting the Optik tv app on BlackBerry Z30. We are getting frustrated and may consider moving to another server. Dr Stan

muwanguzi by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Paralympics on Telus Optik TV

Where are the live feeds for the Paralympics?!? The CPC even gave Telus a shout out for coverage in a media release prior to the Games. There isn't anything other than the regular CBC broadcasts and the availability of those shows on VOD.

Chipper by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Emerson TV and slimline remote

I can't seem to get my remote to control my tv. Any help with the code? Thanks

Rodimal by Just Moved In
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Global news BC1

Why is Telus not offering Global News BC1 to their customers?I want to watch the news but it is not offered to me. I want to watch news when I want and not have to wait until 5am-12-5-6-or 11pm.I reached out to Shaw and they said they would love to o...

Optik on the go Partners

Your television service provider is not yet a CTV GO partner. The good news is, CTV GO is available to all providers, so check back soon to see if they have chosen to offer CTV GO.To help speed up the process, contact your provider to encourage them ...

tspoon by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can't Record

Hi! Whenever I want to record a show I can't for some reason. I press the record button but nothing happens. I have a USB plugged in so I don't think that's the problem. Please help. Thank you.

Sewdle by Just Moved In
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