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WiFi unable to operate second Optik pvr

Just Moved In

The pvr closest to the Telus modem functions with WiFi or by an ethernet connection but the second pvr has never had more than one bar and the tv does not work.   Can I connect a router near the first television/pvr to allow the wifi from it to operate the second television/pvr?  This router would be connected to the Telus modem via an ethernet, which allows the first Optik pvr to operate without using the Telus wifi.  Failing that could I connect another ethernet cable from the router to the second Optik pvr and use the router as an extension or ethernet hub in a sense?  Thank you!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Sounds like you have a poor Wi-Fi signal between the Telus router and your second Optik box. Simplest solution would be to run an ethernet cable to the troublesome box, if possible. If you need more ethernet ports, a switch is the simplest solution.


Wi-Fi from other routers (other than the Telus one) rarely have the needed technology to pass IPTV signal, so will not work.




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