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Voice control for Optik TV

I am a Shaw BluCurve customer here in Edmonton. I am contemplating making the switch to Telus PureFibre due to faster internet upload speeds, snappier interface on TV (with an actual mobile app to control PVR!) and 4k content (get with it, Shaw!). That said, Telus Optik is really lacking in two areas :

1. Voice control thru remote. I admit, I thought this was a gimmick when BluSky launched this 8 years ago. But it is incredible. Searching by voice by speaking into the top of your remote is infinitely better than any other clumsy typing-based interface. Speaking in your remote to search live TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube all at the same time is mind blowing. This is super important as content on various platforms exponentially increases. Why hadn’t Telus offered this yet with their remotes ?

2. Amazon Alexa support. I see that Telus Optik supports Google Play for limited voice control which is a reasonable start. Why no Amazon Alexa support ? Is support for Alexa planned ? It is unusual for a company as large as Telus to support only Google (every other reasonably sized multimedia content company supports both amazon and google platforms)